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    Re: Buying fish in Singapore

    Today I went and bought a whole Batang(spanish mackerel) from the wet market. It weighed slightly more than 1kg, the price was $12 per kg and the whole fish cost $14. Batang is a very good fish for Indian style cooking.

    Actually we dont do the elaborate Indian curry on a regular basis, more of a .....

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    Re: Is it even worth living in SG anymore as a foreigner?

    I would never live in a condo. Atleast in HDB people seem a bit more real. They go to the wet market and fair price themselves. In HDB lift, I have mostly seen people who are acknowledged my presence. In a condo setting, they would treat me as if I am invisible.

    Today I struck a conversation with .....

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    Re: Best gym for working adults

    Anyone visits Virgin Active? I like the decor..the vibes it gives, clean and modern.

    Posted in Beauty, Health & Fitness