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    Long term visit pass rejected

    I'm bankcurpt I recently applied for my wife ltvp got rejected. Cos I didn't pay regularly to OA, what should I do?

    Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

    Re: Working Holiday Pass taken too early

    I think that in a sensitive situation like this your best bet is to call them and check, hopefully they will understand the situation. May I ask how you found your internship from abroad? I am also trying , any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks

    Posted in Moms-to-be & Moms Group

    Re: SIA cabin crew

    Anyone going for medical checkup on 28th Jan for work permit?

    Posted in Airline Careers

    Re: The "good wine deals" master thread

    Any good wine deals?

    Posted in Staying, Living in Singapore

    Re: SIA cabin crew

    Hi, I’m wondering if the medical checkup (in sg) ‘s time is being allocated by SIA or you can go at any timing? Thank you!!

    You only need to choose the date of .....

    Posted in Airline Careers