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    Re: MINDEF Contact

    Yes, many thanks. CMPB would be a better body to contact than Mindef proper.

    I'll head over in person if an email doesn't suffice.

    Posted in Strictly Speaking

    Re: How to convert your motorcycle license into a Singapore one

    Pomwi - nothing wrong with the Duke 390. I had one for a few years. Very fast and safe ride.

    Posted in Drivers Licence

    Re: MINDEF Contact

    If MS doesn't respond then start by directly contacting CMPB.

    Posted in Strictly Speaking

    MINDEF Contact

    Hi all, especially MS if he's still frequents this board.

    I have a relative who emigrated several years ago, and now they all have citizenship there. Her son is approaching the age of 13 and the time has come for them to commence the process of proper deferment and eventual renunciation of his .....

    Posted in Strictly Speaking

    Re: SIA cabin crew

    Hi guys, I did my medical on 21 Aug. Anyone know how long do you have to wait for the acknowledgement email ?

    I think it depends on availability and how .....

    Posted in Airline Careers