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    Re: Helper recommendations please

    Do you still in contact with your ex maid?

    Posted in Domestic Helper & Babysitter Issues

    Re: New home for my good maid

    Hi your helper is from which country? Can cook Chinese food? Hardworking? Salary is how much?

    Posted in Domestic Helper & Babysitter Issues

    Should I send back this maid?


    Pls advice if I should send back this maid?

    She’s with me for 1.5 years, work so so only, I allocate her to do cleaning over the weekends, become she eat snake, morning Wakeup 7am, wait till 12pm if got cool then while day no houewrk, no cook, then slowly cleaning 1 room, 1 kitchen or 1 .....

    Posted in Domestic Helper & Babysitter Issues

    Job interview


    I went for an interview on 8 nov 2019, however I have not heard for a respond from the company till now, should I give up and continue for my job search? Is there still hope to be hired for this position?

    The interview went well, interviewer shows enthusiasm to go into detail and tell me .....

    Posted in Careers & Jobs in Singapore

    Re: For New Startups, Hire Freelance or Full Timers?

    If he has deep enough pockets, a core of full-timers would probably be his best bet. Then adding additional free-lancers to make up any shortfall. Without a core of full-timers, you will be at the disadvantage when dealing with free-lancers without sufficient full-time staff to keep running the .....

    Posted in Business in Singapore