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Sinapore Expats Directory - Funeral and BereavementSinapore Expats Directory - Funeral and BereavementSinapore Expats Directory - Funeral and Bereavement

In this page you can find all about Funeral & Bereavement Services, Condolence Wreaths & Funeral Flowers.

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Funeral and Bereavement

Casket Fairprice – Funeral Services Singapore

Casket Fairprice is an established and trusted one-stop funeral service company in Singapore, with our own in-house funeral parlours, casket showroom, embalming facilities, hearses and a dedicated team of full-time staff. We are a member of the Association of Funeral Directors Singapore, which comprises of funeral service companies with reputable standing in the industry. We provide professional funeral service packages with reasonable and transparent pricing. You can find out more by visiting our funeral service packages page. Our range of services includes:

  • Buddhist Funeral Services
  • Christian Funeral Services
  • Freethinker Funeral Services
  • Roman Catholic Funeral Services
  • Soka Funeral Services
  • Taoist Funeral Services

24-Hour Funeral Helpline
For more information or immediate assistance, call us now on our 24-hour funeral service helpline at 64559909.

One Stop Singapore Funeral Services

Funeral Singapore offers a wide range of funeral services to cater to residents in Singapore. Their range of services includes:

  • Catholic Funeral Services
  • Christian Funeral Services
  • Buddhist Funeral Services
  • Taoist Funeral Services
  • Soka Funeral Services; and
  • Free Thinker Funeral Services
  • Casket Services

On their website, you will also find related services such as:

  • Funeral Catering
  • Condolences Wreath Supply

Established since 1995, they are experienced, professional and reliable. Better still, they have a transparent pricing policy with rates prominently displayed on their funeral packages page. You will never have to worry about “bait and switch” tactics or hidden charges when hiring them.

24-Hour Funeral Hotline
Contacting them is relatively easy. They have well trained and knowledgeable Funeral Consultants on standby everyday to answer any queries you may have, as well as offer advise if needed; you can reach them at +65 6750 4567, their 24-hour helpline.

Reverence Funeral Services – Singapore Funeral Home

Reverence Funeral Services, is a Singapore based, one-stop funeral home. Our team of undertakers and directors are trained to arrange the most affordable Funeral Services in Singapore. Funeral arrangements that we provide:

Funeral Services

  • Buddhist Funeral Services
  • Taoist Funeral Services
  • Christian Funeral Services
  • Catholic Funeral Services
  • Soka Funeral Services
  • Freethinker Funeral Services
  • Exhumation
  • Tomb Construction

Also, a supplier of post-funeral products, specifically for memorial and remembrance. We have our own manufacturing facilities to cater to our customers’ requirements. Our product includes:

Funeral Supplies

  • Memorial Marble Plaque
  • Urns for Ashes
  • Ceramic Photo
  • Funeral Condolence Flower
  • Paper products for burning
  • Caskets

For more information on death matters and services, simply navigate to our website or you can also contact us directly.

Reverence Funeral Services
1 Bukit Batok Crescent
#09-48, Wcega Plaza,
Singapore 658064
Tel: +65 92983158


Solace is a Singapore Funeral Services Undertaker, specializing in helping bereaved Singaporean families of all race and religion arrange meaningful and dignified funerals for their deceased loved ones.

They offer competitively priced funeral packages that includes all the essentials you’ll need to give your loved one a memorable final send off.

For your convenience, here is the complete list of services they provide:

They are open 24/7 and can easily be reached on their 24-hour funeral helpline: +65 6631 8411.

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