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Insurance gives some financial protection or coverage against a range of events which could cause you or your dependants some financial loss.

In this page you can find all about Insurance Companies which provide insurance packages such as Expats Insurance, Health & Medical Insurance, Life Insurance, Contents & Valuables Insurance, Business Liabilities Insurance and Travel Insurance.

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Home Insured Advisory Inc

We provide independent home insurance advice in Singapore. Our advisors are trained and qualified insurance personnel who can advise you on home content insurance, mortgage insurance, empty home insurance, fire insurance, landlord insurance and any other property related insurance. We will be able to advise you appropriately and recommend the most suitable home insurance products to meet your home protection needs. Our service is to ensure that you get the most value-for-money home insurance products and are fully covered if something happened to you and your home.

Besides home insurance advice, we also advise clients on travel insurance and pet insurance because these 2 insurance policies are frequently overlooked or neglected by many people. Call us now at (+65) 6871 4871 or email us at for a discussion. We look forward to speaking to you and recommending you the best home, travel and pet insurance products in Singapore.

Yacht Motor Insured

Best Yacht and Motor Insurance

Independent Yacht Insurance Person to provide you with the best yacht insurance quotation. As you have invested substantially on your private luxury ship, it is understandably that there must be sufficient insurance and protection for the yacht, the owner and the passengers when you sail the yacht into the open sea. It is our duty to understand your needs and provide you with the insurance proposal (i.e. insurance plan with an excellent coverage). We know that yacht owners need to have a peace of mind while enjoying themselves freely in the clear waters and that is why we set up this business to serve you better.

Besides Yacht Insurance, we also provide motor insurance for private car, insurance for commercial vehicle and insurance for motorcycle especially luxury car insurance and vintage motorbike insurance. We assure you that our motor insurance is competitively priced and the coverage is well thought out after understanding your requirements. Allow us to be your insurance representative to provide you with the best insurance coverage for your land and sea transport. Contact us now at (+65) 6850 5444 or email us at today to get the best coverage.


78 Shenton Way #07-16
Singapore 079120

Tel: 64193000


8 Shenton Way
#24-01 AXA Tower
Singapore 068811

Tel: 18008804888

EQ Insurance

5 Maxwell Road
#17-00 MND Complex Tower Block
Singapore 069110

Tel: 62239433

Etiqa Insurance

16 Raffles Quay
#01-04A Hong Leong Building
Singapore 048581

Tel: 68878777
Fax: 63392109

Liberty Insurance

51 Club Street
#03-00 Liberty House
Singapore 069428

Tel: 18005423789


4 Shenton Way
#21-01 SGX Centre 2
Singapore 068807

Tel: 68277602

Prudential Singapore

30 Cecil Street
#30-01 Prudential Tower
Singapore 049712

Tel: 18003330333


1 Raffles Quay
#29-10 South Tower
Singapore 048583

Tel: 62246633
Fax: 65333270

Tokio Marine Life

20 McCallum Street
#17-01 Tokio Marine Centre
Singapore 069046

Tel: 65926100
Fax: 62239120

Zurich Insurance

50 Raffles Place
#20-01 Singapore Land Tower
Singapore 048623

Tel: 62362210
Fax: 63279820

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