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Re: PR with 1 year REP extension. Will marry Singaporean. Can extend REP next time?

Thank you, PNGMK, BBCDoc.

One more question, in your experience and knowledge, would owning a HDB flat with your SC spouse make a difference in the REP renewal process?


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Re: Fax over digital voice

Hi spicehead-6rab8, I have read though your quarry and I guess you should go for the following steps to fax to a single number. As you are trying to send fax to some phone number and it can work if you just simply open the to all about Fax related issues .....

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Re: Wuhan virus in Singapore

Currently there are 6,061 confirmed cases of the virus in mainland China, including 132 deaths.

10 confirmed cases in Singapore, all imported from Wuhan. Looks like it will only get worse and we will have to keep on fighting for months.

Let's have peace here and stick to the topic.

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Re: Finnair recruitment at

Congrats and all the best

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Re: Wuhan virus in Singapore

You still don't get it do you, troll. Nobody called you an idiot, even if it might be true. I called you and will continue as long as you remain one, a troll. You act like a troll, sound like a troll. You can hardly make a post without an agitating remark. So I give it right back. Trolls reap what .....

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