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i'm in town to cast my vote, boys!

flew in this afternoon via HKG! i badly wanted to cast my ballot...

now i'm holed up at a hotel and i'm not sure if this trip has been worth it because nobody knows what's going to happen (the election officials coming to the door OR... just if they're appearing just in spirit).

and i'm now too .....

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Re: Former PR wishing to return

Hi PNGMK- thanks for the reply.

Your advice pretty much confirms my hunch. Although I do know of at least 1 case .....

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Re: PEP processing time (personal employment pass)

It’s good to see positive results coming through for everyone.
Any response for fag end of April or early May applications, pls keep us posted. This forum has been quite informative and collaborative so far. Keep it coming. Cheers!

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New EP application during card registration stage

Heyy guys!

I am in bit of a situation related to employment pass and changing companies, hoping I will get some answers and suggestions on how to proceed after the below sequence of events:

1) Interviewing with company A and Company B
2) Company B is bigger(around 3500employees) and stable than .....

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Re: Has rent dropped due to Covid 19?

It's just two parameters and they could be due to WFH, but both our elevator and our shuttle have been sans peeps for some time now when we get on.

Then again, I think I read that 60,000 expats had been let go recently, so it looks like rentals will indeed slip further going forward.

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