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Electrical Services


At Electrical Service Singapore, we are the experts in electrical engineering service that you can trust to deliver tailor made solutions to all your electrical needs. Our company is one of the leading electrical engineering professionals in Singapore, offering reliable, affordable and precise electrical engineering services for homes, offices, businesses, industrial establishments and events.

Choosing the right service provider for your electrical engineering project can be a daunting task, especially if you have never hired the services before. Our company is the go-to specialist in electrical engineering service trusted by homeowners, businesses and industrial establishments in Singapore.

Our services include:

We will effectively resolve all your electrical issues within the shortest time and, at fair rates for your budget. Get in touch with us today for professional, reliable and affordable electrical engineering service in Singapore.


GetSolar, formerly known as Solar AI Technologies, emerged during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, supported by seed funding and incubated by ENGIE, a global leader in renewable energy. Our primary mission is to simplify the adoption of rooftop solar across Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Proudly introducing the first Rent-to-Own model for solar panels in residential homes in Singapore, GetSolar is dedicated to making sustainable energy accessible and affordable for businesses and households alike. With a commitment to innovation and collaboration, they aim to lead the way in providing comprehensive solar solutions, ensuring that both residential and commercial spaces can actively contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

GetSolar is your partner in advancing towards a cleaner, more energy-efficient Singapore.

Tel: +65 8779 6122 / +65 3138 6134
Address: 108 Pasir Panjang Road, Golden Agri Plaza, #01-02, Singapore 118535

Interior Design

Sennex Consultants

Sennex Consultants is an award-winning office interior design company in Singapore established in 2001 with successful projects spanning across multiple countries including Hong kong, Malaysia, Japan, PRC, Korea, Indonesia and Australia. Sennex Consultants goes the extra mile by providing a full suite of services to create a wonderful workplace for its clients including office renovation, office space planning, sustainable design, strategy planning and more. Sennex Consultants has helped many clients such as Hubspot, AIA, Kerry Consulting, Scoot build a great place and is also BizSAFE and BCA accredited.


Office Renovation

Office Renovation Singapore

Office Renovation Singapore is a reliable and experienced commercial and corporate renovation company in Singapore.

They have assisted many businesses in the interior design of their offices, restaurants, clinics, schools, retail stores, spa and beauty salons. They are also able to provide a comprehensive range of other services such as interior design, space planning, repairs, restoration, reinstatement, electrical, addition and alteration (A&A) works. With these services, they offer businesses the convenience of an one-stop solution for all their renovation needs.

Office Renovation Singapore value all businesses big and small, from major turn-key projects to simple repair works. They aim to provide great value to their clients with top-notched craftsmanship, excellent services and competitive pricing.

Call them today to discuss your renovation needs or arrange for an onsite evaluation with one of their project managers. They welcome all enquires and are happy to provide an obligation-free quotation.

Private Investigator

Private Investigation Singapore – Affordable Rates & Confidentiality Guaranteed

Having suspicion that your partner is having an affair? If yes, hire the best private investigator agency in Singapore! We handled more than 10,000 cases of adultery, infidelity and marital surveillance. We use the latest and top of the line equipment for surveillance & undercover operations.

If you need a reputable and confidential private detective to collect information and ensure that you have all the facts before proceeding with criminal action. Then private investigator Singapore is exactly what you need! Our investigator staff is highly trained, ensuring discretion and privacy throughout your investigation.

Our rates are highly competitive and our services will save you thousands by ensuring that you have all the facts before taking action.

Our Services include:

Contact us today for a free consultation!

Private Investigator Singapore - Get The Truth, Get The Facts

When deciding on a reliable private investigation agency - integrity, honesty and professionalism are important!

At Private Investigator Singapore (licensed by Singapore Police Force), we give reassurance to your search for answers truthfully and with compassion.

Our range of expertise include all aspects of day to day operations from gathering evidence, surveillance to undercover work involving people, corporate and even your child's well being.

We gather first hand evidence discreetly and quickly to bring closure as soon as possible to keep cost down. And we keep you updated in real time.

Don’t let time pass without doing anything.
Please feel free to contact us and request for a free confidential consultation with us!

Website :
Call Us Now : (+65) 6591 8841
All enquires are kept confidential.

Reinstatement Works

Omni Contractors - Reinstatement Works In Singapore

Address: 21 Bukit Batok Crescent, Wcega Tower #09-73, Singapore 658065
Phone: 9475 1494

If you are looking for professional reinstatement services, Omni Contractors provides quality solutions to cater to your different projects.

As experienced professionals, we will guide you through the complex process of reinstatement. From the planning to the actual restoration work, we will ensure that the process is smooth and efficient.

Our range of services include:

  • Demolition works
  • Drywall partition
  • Hacking contractor
  • Office reinstatement
  • Reinstatement contractor
  • Shop reinstatement

Contact us today to enquire about our services or request a quotation!


Universe Spectrum Pte Ltd

Waterproofing Singapore – Affordable Rates & Lasting Solutions Guaranteed

At Waterproofing Singapore , we are committed to delivering the ultimate services that can meet the diverse customer demands. And, we are always keen on giving every customer a personalized treatment that is well-suited to their needs. Our service areas include;

  • Home Waterproofing
  • Commercial Waterproofing
  • Industrial Waterproofing
  • Construction Waterproofing
  • Building Waterproofing

Waterproofing Singapore are the waterproofing and roof service professionals that you can always count on for lasting solutions. The following are some of the benefits of choosing our company for waterproofing and roof service:

  • Professional waterproofing and roof service
  • High quality waterproofing materials
  • All-inclusive waterproofing services for both homes, commercial property and industries
  • Reliable waterproofing and roof service
  • Affordable waterproofing and roof service

For inquiries about our services, do not hesitate to talk to us. Contact us today for a free consultation!


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