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Property Account enables one to login to place property ads in ourĀ Property Section. Be distinctive by marketing in the leading expats website and impress your clients that you are a Property Account subscriber with

Property Account Sign Up

Property Account Features:

Post Singapore property ads or properties of any other countries. Users will be able to call or contact you via online form, SMS form or Whatsapp (if user is using mobile)


Property Listings Result Page

Property Listing Details Page

Auto refresh listings every 7 / 14 days

Browse through thousands of floor plans and site plans (not available to public)

Search private sales transactions records to get price, PSF and address with block and unit number

Free Featured Agent in the Condo Directory

Search direct open listings and owner listings
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Premium 30Premium 10Premium 5
30 listings10 listings5 listings
7 days auto refresh of listings14 days auto refresh of listings14 days auto refresh of listings
Search direct open listings
Free Featured Agent in Condo Directory
Get private transacted data with unit number
Browse through thousands of floor plans and site plans

Rates for Property Agents and Individuals:

Option 1: Premium 30 Account: $288  a year for 30 concurrent listings (7 days auto refresh)
Option 2: Premium 10 Account: $138  a year for 10 concurrent listings (14 days auto refresh)
Option 3: Premium   5 Account: $88    a year for   5 concurrent listings (14 days auto refresh)

For Corporate Landlords or Developers, kindly contact us for a quote.

For Property Agents or Individuals sign up, please fill up the form below. For pre-sale questions or request for test account, kindly contact us.

Property Condo Website

Now you can have specialised Condo Websites with your domain name to gain more exposure for your listings and yourself.

Your Condo Website will have 6 pages including:

Home Page with description and reviews (if any) of the specific condo
Listing Page which will display your listings and transacted price of the project
Floor Plan page which will show the list of floor plans
Site Plan page which will show the condo site plan and facilities
Location Map page which show the map, Google Streetview and nearest amenities
Contact page with your mobile number, email and profile picture together with a contact form, Whatsapp and SMS links (if user is using mobile)

All Condo Websites will be featured at our Property section and bundled with SSL cert (https) which will boost search engine ranking significantly.

If you are targeting a certain condo project, this will be the perfect solution for you!

Rates for Condo Website: $150  a year

Agent Condo Websites:

You need to have a Property Account to have an addon Condo Website

If you do not have a Property Account, please sign up above.

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