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Re: Age limit for National Service as a PR

Hi Sunday morning stable and PNGMK

Thanks for your reply. I understand i can expect a waiver if i get a PR through the family scheme above 40 years old with kids.

I got one at 29 with no kids. Waivers for PR are standard. No .....

Posted in National Service

Re: SC applying supplementary credit card for foreigner spouse

Malcontent - my wife is down to one CC - her discovery card. Her Founders Credit Union and GESA visa/mastercard were all cancelled years ago for similar issues. I MADE her use her discovery card in the USA so some activity showed. (I'm surprised at how well it is accepted over there).

Posted in Credit Card & Banking in Singapore

Re: Relocating to Singapore

Damn! I managed to delete an almost complete answer, so here we go again.

Once again, I will note that I have been absent from Singapore for nine years (has it been that long?) and maybe things have changed. OTOH, I remain familiar with Singapore law and the posts that show up in Singapore .....

Posted in Business in Singapore