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Make your home search simple, reliable and stress-free. Leave the tedious process to our recommended professionals, while you enjoy touring for a great home.

Property Agent Recommendation

Why you SHOULD have an agent to represent you?

Here's a few reasons why you should have a property agent to represent you:

  1. The recommended agent will represent you and protect your interest
    Avoid the pitfall of venturing into house hunting without anyone to represent you. The recommended agent shall be obligated to represent you and protect your interest, negotiate for a better deal, ensure the contract is reasonable, condition of the property is acceptable, etc.

  2. Proven Track Record
    They are experienced with proven track records of servicing expatriate tenants with after-sales service even after you move in.

  3. Problem Solving
    They will be able to recommend solutions to your home-related issues.

  4. Find a Home in the Shortest Time Possible
    Provide them with pertinent information pertaining to your needs and wants on your new home and they will be able to shortlist the most suitable location, apartment or house in the shortest time possible.

  5. Their Commitment
    Your commitment to them will equate to their commitment to you. They will know your likes and dislikes and thus be able to be more spot-on on what you need.

  6. Stress Free
    Spend your day with them so they can take you to the various viewings. Doing it all by yourself would mean you would need to take a cab or look at the maps for directions which can be extremely daunting and time consuming.

  7. Familiarity
    The apartments and locations are within their fingertips. Engage their expertise to find your dream home.

  8. Minimize repetitive viewings
    Viewing with them will minimize the chance of a repetitive viewing as they will verify the information before scheduling an appointment.

  9. Enjoy the Process
    Finding a home should be an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

  10. It's Free if it's a 2-year lease and monthly rental above S$3,500!
    You pay nothing for this service if it is a 2-year lease provided the monthly rental is above S$3,500! Service fee for the recommended agent will be paid by the co-broke agent representing the landlord / seller.

Use this form to request for agent recommendation

Recommended agents are hand-picked based on these qualities:

Professional and ethical practice

Familiarity with property selection

Competent in managing transaction procedure

Sincere, honest and patient with clients

As the recommended agent will invest a fair share of his/her time attending to you and/or driving you around Singapore to view suitable properties but not paid a single cent, please avoid using multiple agents in your property search.

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