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Singapore Expats GuidesSingapore Expats GuidesSingapore Expats Guides

Residing in a new country like Singapore would require you to know a lot of 'what to dos' and 'how to dos'. Our handy guide for expats includes information a new expatriate, would-be expat or even local Singaporean might need to know.

We cover information about relocation, home care, moving, procedures for both rental and purchase, living, staying and working in Singapore, useful information for healthcare and international schools. Do take a look at our travel and transportation guide, tips on finding a house in Singapore. There is even a FAQ section for quick tips.

Career, Jobs, Employment

Career, Jobs, EmploymentInformation of career, job, employment opportunities, working in Singapore. Including some links to job portals and career related site.

Expatriates FAQ

Expatriates FAQFrequently asked questions, including banking, employment pass, housing, immigration, schools, transport and living in Singapore.

Healthcare in Singapore

Healthcare in SingaporeInformation on healthcare, medical services and hospitals in Singapore.

House Hunt Guide

House Hunt GuideAccommodation and house hunting guide focusing on price, location and expatriate housing choice like an apartment or house.


InsuranceExpat Insurance is a leading provider of insurance for expatriates and business in Singapore.

International Schools, Education

Listings of international schools in Singapore, education system in Singapore and procedure to admit into a local school.

Medical & Health Directory

Medical & Health DirectoryMedical Services, Aesthetic Services, Dentistry, Specialist, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wellness.


Preschools Singapore Expats comprehensive list of schools from preschools to playgroups.

Procedure for Purchase

Procedure for PurchaseBrief information on the procedures to buy or purchase property in Singapore. Like apartment, house or other private properties.

Procedure for Rental

Procedure for RentalStep by step guide and information on the procedures to rent or lease apartment or house in Singapore.

Relocation to Singapore

Relocation to SingaporeGuides on relocation, staying and living in Singapore, information and tips when relocating to Singapore.

Singapore Immigration

Singapore ImmigrationInformation on immigration matters, Social Visit Pass, Student Pass, Visa, Permanent Residence Application, National Service.

Singapore Travel Guide

Singapore Travel GuideTips and guides on Singapore travel and motoring, includes MRT, bus and taxi. We also includes a MRT route map and detailed information of having a car in Singapore.


Singapore Expats provides a comprehensive listing of Universities in Singapore and abroad.

Useful Numbers & Services

List of useful contact numbers or links for all the essential services in Singapore.

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Re: Snacks before or after exercising

Ong Jun Jie:
To re-hydrate, just drink more water after your workout.

Re: Eating slimming tablets can reduce your waistline by 1 inch?

Ong Jun Jie:
Honestly, i believe the best way to improve the quality of your life and be healthy to is workout.

Re: Sketchers Shape-Up shoes

Ong Jun Jie:
I think Asics and Mizuno running shoes are really good for running. Give those a try.

Re: Any tip to get in shape with minimum effort?

Ong Jun Jie:
You should get a personal trainer as they can tailor an effective workout for you and this ensure that you get the most out of your daily workout.

Re: F 28 newbie in Singapire. Looking for friends and hobby buddies

Hi An, I am a 26f who moved here from Australia. I am looking to meet other expats to expand my social circle. Drop me a pm if you want to catch up.

Re: 28,F new to SG

Hi, I am 26f and looking to expand my social circle. Drop me a pm if you want to catch up.

Re: Very bad experience purchasing a second-hand lemon car

quite common here where car dealer provide this kind of shitty aftersales service
looks like a major transmission problem...don't mind sharing what's the car make/ model?

It is most probably a continental car. =P~

Re: Very bad experience purchasing a second-hand lemon car


Leasing a car is pretty expensive too. Not really a viable option too. If you were to check the latest rental rates, a basic decent car model starts from $1500/mth onwards. #-o

Re: Singapore Citizenship Application Outcome

Strong Eagle:
My Brother in law applied together with his 2 daughter received rejection letter 2 days ago. they waited about 7 months.
Malaysian Chinese, not sure what's the root cause of rejection..

Mine application still pending and it's 10 months plus waiting time. (finger cross)

Several factors: Age and professional level - if older but not 'climbing the ladder' as ICA would like, then no go. Age and salary - if stagnant salary or below average for either profession or age, then no go.

You don't mention wife... is she SC or applying for PR as well?

Re: Advice on Sole Proprietorship

Strong Eagle:

If you are an EP you will not be able to act as manager for the sole proprietorship as your EP specifically excludes you from holding employment other than for which the EP was issued.

Even if you do it for free, MOM will not let you off the hook. A local manager is statutorily required when the SP owner is not in Singapore and is not a citizen or PR. But even if your friend is a citizen or PR, you'll still be considered and employee as manager, and therefore, in violation of the terms of your EP.

Re: Singapore Citizenship Application Outcome

ful babu:

Funny thing, is that my junior work colleague from the US - who is single, but younger than me - was accepted. Major difference - Chinese ancestry.

From ICA's point of view i see nothing but potentials.

Single - can get married to a lical girl
Young - does have more tine and oppurtunity to soak into local culture.
Chinese? nothing more to say.

Re: Advice on Sole Proprietorship


Re: Advice on Sole Proprietorship

Strong Eagle:
First question that must be known in order to answer... what is your status? Citizen? PR? EP?

Re: Singapore Citizenship Application Outcome


Been there, seen enough of folks who get SC and as soon as they get it, they pack their bags using the various advantages the Pink IC brings.

Alas, ICA has no way to find out the actual intentions when they give out SC.

Advice on Sole Proprietorship

A friend who left Singapore has asked me to be the manager of his sole proprietorship here in Singapore, for him to be able to keep his activity going here. He has a software firm with employees in other countries and which can operate from anywhere, so his reasons for keeping a sole proprietorship here may be limited to financials.

I derive no benefits from the act, so I would like to stay on the safe side and continue to live a happy life here in Singapore.

Any knowledgeable persons who could advise on a few things, please?
1. What would be the potential liabilities for me as his sole proprietorship's manager?
2. Is there any due diligence that I could/should do on a regular basis to make sure everything is ok?

Thank you very much.