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Residing in a new country like Singapore would require you to know a lot of 'what to dos' and 'how to dos'. Our handy guide for expats includes information a new expatriate, would-be expat or even local Singaporean might need to know.

We cover information about relocation, home care, moving, procedures for both rental and purchase, living, staying and working in Singapore, useful information for healthcare and international schools. Do take a look at our travel and transportation guide, tips on finding a house in Singapore. There is even a FAQ section for quick tips.

Career, Jobs, Employment

Career, Jobs, EmploymentInformation of career, job, employment opportunities, working in Singapore. Including some links to job portals and career related site.

Expatriates FAQ

Expatriates FAQFrequently asked questions, including banking, employment pass, housing, immigration, schools, transport and living in Singapore.

Healthcare in Singapore

Healthcare in SingaporeInformation on healthcare, medical services and hospitals in Singapore.

House Hunt Guide

House Hunt GuideAccommodation and house hunting guide focusing on price, location and expatriate housing choice like an apartment or house.


InsuranceExpat Insurance is a leading provider of insurance for expatriates and business in Singapore.

International Schools, Education

Listings of international schools in Singapore, education system in Singapore and procedure to admit into a local school.

Medical & Health Directory

Medical & Health DirectoryMedical Services, Aesthetic Services, Dentistry, Specialist, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wellness.


Preschools Singapore Expats comprehensive list of schools from preschools to playgroups.

Procedure for Purchase

Procedure for PurchaseBrief information on the procedures to buy or purchase property in Singapore. Like apartment, house or other private properties.

Procedure for Rental

Procedure for RentalStep by step guide and information on the procedures to rent or lease apartment or house in Singapore.

Relocation to Singapore

Relocation to SingaporeGuides on relocation, staying and living in Singapore, information and tips when relocating to Singapore.

Singapore Immigration

Singapore ImmigrationInformation on immigration matters, Social Visit Pass, Student Pass, Visa, Permanent Residence Application, National Service.

Singapore Travel Guide

Singapore Travel GuideTips and guides on Singapore travel and motoring, includes MRT, bus and taxi. We also includes a MRT route map and detailed information of having a car in Singapore.


Singapore Expats provides a comprehensive listing of Universities in Singapore and abroad.

Useful Numbers & Services

List of useful contact numbers or links for all the essential services in Singapore.

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Re: Best gym around raffles place

Hi, any recommendations concerning yoga / pilates?

Happy Thanksgiving From USA

It is Thanksgiving Day in the USA. I want to thank my fellow forummers for making my cyber life so very exciting and meaningful :mrgreen: . ... 183andtype=3

Re: Thesis survey exporting Dutch greenhouse vegetables to Singapore

I don't know if this is an universal perception but for me, Dutch agricultural products have always been of a category of looking very good but not necessary of any other outstanding value. I think it started long time ago with the strawberries that simply didn't taste like strawberries.

Re: Rent options @ $2k / month

Thanks BBCWatcher, I'll keep that in mind, and it certainly helps by opening up a whole new area to consider / explore.

Barnsley, thanks also but I think Pasir Ris is a bit too far out for me.

Please keep the suggestions coming :)

Re: UK chap, 30, looking for new buddies!

Hey guys,

Any of you'll up fpr a happyhor beer tmrw evening ater work?

Re: Thesis survey exporting Dutch greenhouse vegetables to Singapore


On Redmart they also offer a lot of organic vegetables from Australia and the Netherlands. The prices are a lot higher though. ... cked-24900.

Also a couple weeks ago I also saw some tomatoes from the Netherlands on the online store of Cold Storage but I can not find them anymore. :(

Re: Thesis survey exporting Dutch greenhouse vegetables to Singapore

I think it's a pipe dream. Locals are not going to pay the hyper-inflated prices as long as there is NTUC and Sheng Siong here. The expat population, while large isn't enough to carry the costs except on the very seasonal items. one of the few 'western' countries where we get foreign vegetable matter is Australia because it's only 4.5 hours away. But you still pay a premium for that, albeit not as bad as it would be coming from Europe.


From the horses' mouth @ ICA.

Top 5 Most Popular FAQs

Permanent Resident Services

How long should she stay before becoming a Singapore Citizen?
What is the processing time for my PR application
Can I apply for SPR immediately after working here?

The operative words here are "for consideration" which doesn't mean you will get PR, or even to 1st base with the application. But that is normal will all MOM and ICA applications. This prevents receiving Tailor Made applications from showing up.

Re: Thesis survey exporting Dutch greenhouse vegetables to Singapore


Yes, but I read that the use of pesticides in Asian countries are a lot higher than in Europe. And because of the many food scandals that has happened in Asia the last couple of years, the trust has been decreased and consumers are demanding more products from Western countries such as Australia, the United States and Europe. So I think there is a market for Dutch vegetables in Singapore. What do you think?

Re: Thesis survey exporting Dutch greenhouse vegetables to Singapore


It is unlikely that local Singaporeans would want to pay extra for vegetables to be imported from Europe.

I read in a report of Euromonitor that Singaporeans are more conscious about their eating habit and health. So they are willing to pay more for products that are better for their health. Are expats and Singaporeans, who have a middle to higher income, willing to pay more for vegetables with for example less use of pesticide and with a stricter food safety policy?

Re: Rent options @ $2k / month

I wouldn't rule out the North South Line if you find suitable accommodation within your (tight) budget along the stretch past Novena, e.g. Toa Payoh, Braddell. Your transfer consists of walking about 12 meters across the same platform either at City Hall or Raffles Place depending on which direction you're going. It's the easiest, fastest transfer between lines in the whole system and really well designed.

Rock climbing and bouldering buddies

Hi everyone!

I've recently relocated from Melbourne and I'm looking for people to go indoor climbing or bouldering with. I've only really top roped in the past, but it seems like sport climbing is a bit of a thing here so keen to give that a go sometime as well. I'm not a beginner but probably hovering somewhere just shy of being an intermediate skill level.

Are there any groups here that already meet for climbing sessions?

Thanks :)

Re: Mountain holiday in Malaysia/Thailand

Thanks again.

One thing I did not mention is that we were badly affected by the 2004 tsunami. So although we are no longer uncomfortable at the beach, one of our daughters is still terrified while we are at sea level. This we only realised when we were in the Maldives.
In fact when we rented a sea-facing apartment (very high floor) in Singapore (facing Batam) she was really upset. So, Indonesia and a beach holiday will not work for us.

We were looking at the Eastern Oriental Express, but decided to do this when our children can join us.

PNGMK, we have been to Cameron Highlands, but there was too much construction going on. Do not want to revisit.

We will definitely do the Tioman trip at another time.

Thanks for your time and all the help offered.


You have a good chance as any. You're young and if you have potential then yeah why not. If you're older but have achieved, then also yes.

Good luck!

Re: Husband became guarantor while applying PR

won't affect the PR application.

However, if he dishonours that guarantee, then what belongs to your husband may become the property of the bank.

And in marriage, what's yours is also his......