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Residing in a new country like Singapore would require you to know a lot of 'what to dos' and 'how to dos'. Our handy guide for expats includes information a new expatriate, would-be expat or even local Singaporean might need to know.

We cover information about relocation, home care, moving, procedures for both rental and purchase, living, staying and working in Singapore, useful information for healthcare and international schools. Do take a look at our travel and transportation guide, tips on finding a house in Singapore. There is even a FAQ section for quick tips.

Career, Jobs, Employment

Career, Jobs, EmploymentInformation of career, job, employment opportunities, working in Singapore. Including some links to job portals and career related site.

Expatriates FAQ

Expatriates FAQFrequently asked questions, including banking, employment pass, housing, immigration, schools, transport and living in Singapore.

Healthcare in Singapore

Healthcare in SingaporeInformation on healthcare, medical services and hospitals in Singapore.

House Hunt Guide

House Hunt GuideAccommodation and house hunting guide focusing on price, location and expatriate housing choice like an apartment or house.


InsuranceExpat Insurance is a leading provider of insurance for expatriates and business in Singapore.

International Schools, Education

Listings of international schools in Singapore, education system in Singapore and procedure to admit into a local school.

Medical & Health Directory

Medical & Health DirectoryMedical Services, Aesthetic Services, Dentistry, Specialist, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wellness.


Preschools Singapore Expats comprehensive list of schools from preschools to playgroups.

Procedure for Purchase

Procedure for PurchaseBrief information on the procedures to buy or purchase property in Singapore. Like apartment, house or other private properties.

Procedure for Rental

Procedure for RentalStep by step guide and information on the procedures to rent or lease apartment or house in Singapore.

Relocation to Singapore

Relocation to SingaporeGuides on relocation, staying and living in Singapore, information and tips when relocating to Singapore.

Singapore Immigration

Singapore ImmigrationInformation on immigration matters, Social Visit Pass, Student Pass, Visa, Permanent Residence Application, National Service.

Singapore Travel Guide

Singapore Travel GuideTips and guides on Singapore travel and motoring, includes MRT, bus and taxi. We also includes a MRT route map and detailed information of having a car in Singapore.


Singapore Expats provides a comprehensive listing of Universities in Singapore and abroad.

Useful Numbers & Services

List of useful contact numbers or links for all the essential services in Singapore.

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Re: Married a Work Permit Holder

I'm a SC and have been with my Malaysian gf on WP for 3 yrs. She quit her job recently and we applied to MOM for permission to get married. The reply we got from MOM says that she does not need to seek approval to marry a SC/SPR. We planned to get married after cny 2016 but she is going to start work with a new employer on October. Do we need to reapply for permission to marry again after she gets her new work permit? And i really want to apply PR for her after our marriage. What are her chances of getting it?

Re: Leasing a car for $1800 + GST

Never mind a Forester, living behind Lucky Plaza you'll have no problem finding a maid ;)

Re: Leasing a car for $1800 + GST

plenty of old frosties and liberties on sg car mart dot com...

Re: Piano lessons

How much is the lesson fee?

Re: Gym anyone?

I've been to community club last time, equipment no bad and not expensive

Re: recommend tennis coach

maybe check with SAFRA ?

Re: Sundry humour

:-D ... 45097.html

Re: General Election - Coming Soon - 11th September

guys, for your own good i hope pap will win, and big. i'm not sure if you realize, but the "opo" is far more populist and xenophobic than the pap. actually, the pap has borrowed these from the opos (bismark-style) to trim their sails. not that they wanted to kill the lucrative business (they have no clue what else to put in place).

of course, no matter who wins, sg has to find a new (working) economic paradigm or die. cheap labor manufacturing worked in the 80-90s, serviced apartment economy worked until 2 years ago.
pretty much the same economic paradigm shift as china has to make (copy/paste economy doesn't work anymore - as it's no longer cheap).

is there anyone there able to find the new economic paradigm? regretfully, i don't think so.

Apply PR for children

Hi, need advice on how to apply PR for daughters and son. I'm female malaysian spr, hb is Malaysian, do I need to submit 3 application form for my children ? They are currently living in JB. They need to come to Singapore during submission of documents? What's the procedure?

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Re: 31/M UK Just got here

Hi Neil would be round sat for a drink Ross

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Re: Moving from London to Singapore


...even smaller one. I lived there for a while when a student, though definitely not c/o Cambridge Uni - I'm far too thick for that :) - come to think of it a niece of mine is at CU now. To add to it, it's where I intend to retire to a few years hence, once we're finally done with this roving lifestyle.

I've *many* happy memories of my time spent there

Re: General Election - Coming Soon - 11th September

I wonder if elections have been called early before...

It is to me an illustration of lack of confidence in running a full term. Maybe they really are afraid of the risk of not getting 100% victory. The downside though (perhaps) is it all looks a bit desperate.

Re: Need advise with renting a HDB near new MRT under construction

Find a different country. No matter where you move, you will have to put up with construction noises at some point or another. It's just a way of life you will need to adjust to. Take it or leave it.

Re: General Election - Coming Soon - 11th September

Poll watching or marshaling at a polling station I think is one of them.

Need advise with renting a HDB near new MRT under construction

Hi Guys,
I am looking to rent an HDB in Singapore. I found a HDB flat for rent near woodlands. I am very satisfied with the house but I have one concern to clarify. The HDB is very near to Thomson East coast line (Woodlands south) MRT which is under Construction. My worry is, will there be too much noise and air pollution because of the MRT construction? I will be moving in with my new born baby, so I couldnt afford to have noise and air pollution. Kindly help to advise whether I can rent this HDB flat or look for some other flats.