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Property Type: CONDO
Asking: S$ 710,000
Area: 570 sqft / 52.95 sqm
Direct Owner / Tenant

Property Type: HDB
Asking: S$ 2,250 / month
Area: 990 sqft / 91.97 sqm
Direct Owner / Tenant

Property Type: LAND
Asking: S$ 5,000 / month
Area: 217,803 sqft / 20,234.55 sqm
Direct Owner / Tenant

Property Type: CONDO
Asking: S$ 1,800 / month
Area: 570 sqft / 52.95 sqm
Direct Owner / Tenant

Property Type: BUNGALOW
Asking: S$ 2,130,000
Area: 5,381 sqft / 499.91 sqm
Direct Owner / Tenant

Property Type: CONDO
Asking: S$ 3,400 / month
Area: 400 sqft / 37.16 sqm
Marketed by: St Residences

HAIG 162
Property Type: CONDO
Asking: S$ 2,500 / month
Area: 500 sqft / 46.45 sqm
Marketed by: St Residences

Property Type: CONDO
Asking: S$ 3,000 / month
Area: 600 sqft / 55.74 sqm
Marketed by: St Residences

Property Type: CONDO
Asking: S$ 3,000 / month
Area: 800 sqft / 74.32 sqm
Marketed by: St Residences

Property Type: CONDO
Asking: S$ 3,500 / month
Area: 872 sqft / 81.01 sqm
Marketed by: Tan Siew Lay

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Why does my child lie to me?

We’ve all watched that hilarious video of a two year old blaming Batman for the pink squiggles on his mother’s mirror, and it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t think that the kid is ridiculously charming. And yet, when we are confronted by the blatant lies that our wide-eyed children spout, we’re usually torn between laughter and exasperation. Sometimes, the lies don’t even seem to be driven by any rational desire to avoid punishment or to secure a coveted item or privilege, but seem to be propagated purely on impulse.

But is this normal, and is there an actual reason for it?

The answer to both is yes. It’s incredibly normal for children to lie, and this is especially so for children below the age of 7, who may not even feel that it is wrong to conflate truth and fiction. From the time children are born, they are accustomed to taking their social cues from those around them. Young children are sensitive to the moods of...

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Public Transportation in Singapore (Taxi)

In Singapore where many locals have made it into a lifelong game to source for all that is cheap and good, there is one thing that almost never fails to live up to its promise: Local taxis. Even though licensed taxi companies and transport-sourcing companies like Uber and GrabTaxi continue to fight over customers, there has not been a drastic decrease in passengers electing to use the services of the former in Singapore. Though Uber and GrabTaxi may have taken over a significant proportion of the market, the lower rates charged by these drivers have also expanded the pool of potential customers who are now willing to consider taxi as a viable public transportation option in their regular life.

Another reason for the continued patronage of licensed taxis in Singapore is the relatively affordable fares charged by local taxi companies, as compared to their counterparts in other first world countries. On the Land Transport Authority’s website, a table comparing taxi...

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Guides on relocation, staying and living in Singapore, information and tips when relocating to Singapore. Including culture shock, cost of living and others. All information an expat or would be expat needed to know.

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