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Condos Near MRT - Detail list of condominiums and apartments near MRT station in Singapore. Must read if you are looking for housing near certain MRT station.

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International Schools - A comprehensive list of International Schools in Singapore. Read and find out more about International Schools and find the most suitable school for your child.

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Property Type: BUNGALOW
Asking: S$ 380,000
Area: 278 sqft / 25.83 sqm
Direct Owner / Tenant

Property Type: CONDO
Asking: S$ 6,800 / month
Area: 1,432 sqft / 133.04 sqm
Direct Owner / Tenant

Property Type: CONDO ROOM
Asking: S$ 1,750 / month
Area: 900 sqft / 83.61 sqm
Direct Owner / Tenant

Property Type: CONDO
Asking: S$ 4,600 / month
Area: 1,313 sqft / 121.98 sqm
Direct Owner / Tenant

Property Type: HDB
Asking: S$ 440,000
Area: 1,184 sqft / 110 sqm
Direct Owner / Tenant

Property Type: CONDO
Asking: S$ 5,000 / month
Area: 1,647 sqft / 153.01 sqm
Marketed by: Lilian Tan

Property Type: HDB
Asking: S$ 3,000 / month
Area: 936 sqft / 86.96 sqm
Marketed by: Candice Ong

Property Type: CONDO
Asking: S$ 1,120,000
Area: 700 sqft / 65.03 sqm
Marketed by: Christian Wijayanto Inan

Property Type: CONDO
Asking: S$ 4,200 / month
Area: 1,206 sqft / 112.04 sqm
Marketed by: Kristy Semuil

Property Type: CONDO
Asking: S$ 8,500 / month
Area: 3,300 sqft / 306.58 sqm
Marketed by: Sofia See

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Why You Should Open a Wealth Management Account in Singapore

Where you choose to open a wealth management account plays a big part in determining the performance of your financial portfolio. Choosing the right location is not only important for your banking convenience, but also asset protection and portfolio management and growth. In order for wealth to grow, savvy investors would look towards a safe, stable and reputable environment.

Singapore remains amongst the top places for investors seeking wealth management services outside of their home country. Here are the top reasons why this is so:

  1. Singapore has maintained a stable political economy over the years

Financial wealth need a safe and positive environment in order to thrive. It is difficult to maintain banking efficiency in times of constant political turmoil and poor economic outlook. As a result, individuals from countries experiencing internal instability would look towards safer havens like Singapore to park their wealth....

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Open an international bank account to avoid paying additional charges

Transferring funds to an overseas bank account may be slightly easier these days, but it still tends to be a tiresome and expensive process. Given that you are relocating to a new country, it is likely that you will need to convert between currencies. Hence, in the plausible event of unfavorable exchange rates, it can result in losses of the value of your money. 

A recommended solution is to open an international bank account, such as a

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