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One World International School - One World International School offers an excellent international education to children from the age of 3 to 18 in a nurturing multi-cultural environment at an equitable fee point.

Condos Near MRT - Detail list of condominiums and apartments near MRT station in Singapore. Must read if you are looking for housing near certain MRT station.

Events, Gatherings, Making Friends Hot! - Join our expat community to organise an event, gathering, meetup, party. Search for expats from your country, sports partners or meet new friends here!

International Schools in Singapore - A comprehensive list of International Schools in Singapore. Read and find out more about International Schools and find the most suitable school for your child.

Service Apartments - A comprehensive list of service apartments in Singapore. An ideal choice for the busy professional or if you are looking to rent on a short term. Browse through the service apartments available.

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Property Type: BUNGALOW
Asking: S$ 8,500 / month
Area: 7,500 sqft / 696.77 sqm
Direct Owner / Tenant

Property Type: CONDO
Asking: S$ 2,500 / month
Area: 1,033 sqft / 95.97 sqm
Direct Owner / Tenant

Property Type: CONDO
Asking: S$ 3,800 / month
Area: 670 sqft / 62.25 sqm
Direct Owner / Tenant

Property Type: APT
Asking: S$ 1,000 / month
Area: 786 sqft / 73.02 sqm
Direct Owner / Tenant

Property Type: APT ROOM
Asking: S$ 1,500 / month
Area: 1,300 sqft / 120.77 sqm
Direct Owner / Tenant

Property Type: SHOPHSE ROOM
Asking: S$ 5,000,000
Area: 906 sqft / 84.17 sqm
Marketed by: Tan Siew Lay

Asking: S$ 3,000,000
Area: 3,122 sqft / 290.04 sqm
Marketed by: Angelyn Tan

Property Type: CONDO
Asking: S$ 2,100 / month
Area: 409 sqft / 38 sqm
Marketed by: Jasmine Choo

Property Type: CONDO
Asking: S$ 2,800 / month
Area: 861 sqft / 79.99 sqm
Marketed by: Catalina Low

Property Type: CONDO
Asking: S$ 4,200 / month
Area: 743 sqft / 69.03 sqm
Marketed by: Gary Yap

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COVID-19 and its impact on the environment

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the reduction in human activity has led to noticeable benefits for the environment. Around the world, lockdowns and reduced economic activity have led to fewer cars on the road, reduced bus and train services, grounding of planes, and the temporary closure of industrial facilities. Consequently, countries worldwide have experienced a reduction in air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, leading to many being able to see blue skies and breathe clean air, some for the very first time.

On 23 January 2020, a surprise announcement by the Chinese government barred people from entering and leaving the city of Wuhan. Six days later, all cities in the Hubei province were locked down. In the first three weeks leading up to 13 February, emissions in the area had dropped drastically by as much as 90 per cent at times. Across the country, significant reductions in nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and particulate matter in the air,...

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Singapore-China Fast Lane and the Safe Travel Pass

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries around the world have either restricted or barred visitors from entering the country. Tourism and hospitality businesses which had already been badly affected by lockdowns and closures in the prior months, are now looking to recoup some of their losses. The biggest question on everyone’s minds is whether countries will reopen their borders in time for summer, a peak travel period in many countries. Apart from holidaymakers, people who need to travel for work and those hoping to visit friends and family in other countries are also keen to be able to travel without needing to self-isolate upon arrival.

In Singapore, talks have been ongoing to allow for smoother travel between countries. According to Singapore’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Chan Chun Sing, Singapore is entering discussions with "as many countries as possible" in order to form ‘green lanes’. So far, China has officially become the...

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Best Singapore Condo

Top Condominium in Singapore - Prestige Condo, Family Condo, Singles Condo and Waterfront Living. Singapore condominium in East Coast and Central.

House Hunt Guide

Accommodation, property and house hunting guide focusing on price, location and expatriate housing choice like an apartment or house.

Relocation to Singapore

Guides on relocation, staying and living in Singapore, information and tips when relocating to Singapore. Including culture shock, cost of living and others. All information an expat or would be expat needed to know.

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Re: PR approval chance in 2020

Re: PR approval chance in 2020

I am really glad I found this forum I was feeling like I will have to fish for it all alone. Thanks to the moderators for your dedication.

I want to know my chances of approval and whether if I should be applying for PR at this point or at any point in the future. I first came to SG in Sep 2019 .....

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: Beirut explosion

Re: Beirut explosion

Seems like people have troubles to learn.

Posted in General Discussions

Re: It is what it is - Trump says

Re: It is what it is - Trump says

The guy can do sound bites but dig a little deeper and there is nothing there. This is one of the first interviews that has pushed and questioned him. Hopefully even his supporters will see how truly bad he is for the US.

As an .....

Posted in General Discussions

Re: Job offer

Re: Job offer

I have gotten a job offer to work in Singapore. Is it a good time to accept a job offer overseas ie: stability, covid19 situation.

I think it would depend on what the offer is...
think about cost of living, are you .....

Posted in Careers & Jobs in Singapore

Re: Moving to Singapore from San Francisco

Re: Moving to Singapore from San Francisco

This is not just about moving to Singapore, it's about moving back. You might find you can't get a job back in the US after your stint in Singapore.

If you want to work in crypto, I'm not I would move to Singapore from San Fran.

Posted in Relocating, Moving to Singapore