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Property Type: OFFICE
Asking: S$ 2,000 / month
Area: 506 sqft / 47.01 sqm
Direct Owner / Tenant

Property Type: CONDO
Asking: S$ 1,850 / month
Area: 463 sqft / 43.01 sqm
Direct Owner / Tenant

Property Type: SEMI-D
Asking: S$ 10,000 / month
Area: 3,000 sqft / 278.71 sqm
Direct Owner / Tenant

Property Type: CONDO
Asking: S$ 4,200 / month
Area: 667 sqft / 61.97 sqm
Direct Owner / Tenant

Property Type: HDB ROOM
Asking: S$ 1,000 / month
Area: 140 sqft / 13.01 sqm
Direct Owner / Tenant

Property Type: CONDO ROOM
Asking: S$ 900,000
Area: 1,141 sqft / 106 sqm
Marketed by: Nora Kassim

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4 Vacation Options Which are Perfect for All the Family

All families are different, which means that your preferred type of vacation might not be the same as someone else’s. That doesn’t mean that all families are not in agreement that vacationing as one should be relaxing and ideal opportunities for bonding and quality time spent together.

You don’t want the majority of your vacation to be spent worrying about where you’re going to eat, fretting over travel distances and if you’ve packed the right items for the journey. You want your vacation to be a treat to remember, and the below options all guarantee an amazing vacation as a family.

  1. Sailing on a Cruise

Cruises provide the luxury of knowing that everything you require is in one place – which is a relief when you have a whole family to fend for. You don’t have to worry about getting in supplies or how to keep your family occupied. A family cruise provides everything you’re going...

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Slingers offer interesting spectacle for basketball fans

Basketball has become one of the most popular sports on the planet due to the popularity of the NBA. It’s not just in the United States where it has long been a staple of the zeitgeist from October to June during the season. The sport has spread its wings across the globe with television and streaming services and increasing numbers of people are consuming the product.

However, not everywhere in the world has access to the television rights as Singapore only has a television deal that carries seven regular-season games, along with the playoffs and NBA Finals. The regular season lasts until May; therefore, it’s a long time not being able to watch the action. While it's still possible to track the leading contenders in the latest basketball odds for the crown, a lack of...

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Top Condominium in Singapore - Prestige Condo, Family Condo, Singles Condo and Waterfront Living. Singapore condominium in East Coast and Central.

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