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    Re: PR Approved 2023

    Opinions are like buttholes, all have them and almost always they stink.

    It was common knowledge that along with CECA, Indian Nationals created virtual enclaves in quite a few of the Condos out in the Changi area (Near to the .....

    Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

    Re: School enrollment for a single term - is it possible?

    The real question is, from a parental perspective, is this really the best choice for your daughter? Will she be able to adapt quickly enough? Is it even worth .....

    Posted in Primary & Secondary Schools

    Re: School enrollment for a single term - is it possible?

    The other question raised is relevant. I assume academics are secondary and that you just want the kid to have a school environment to go to (socialise with other kids)? Could someone just homeschool the kid based on .....

    Posted in Primary & Secondary Schools