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Computer, Internet, Phone & Electronics

06 Feb 2019 - Data Quality 101: Are You Using Effective Master Data Management?

Nowadays there is an abundance of data available to businesses that can be useful for a wide variety of purposes. However, in order to be of any...


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    Re: COVID-19; where to buy insurance cover?

    What type of insurance are you looking for? Life? Health?

    Posted in Travel & Holidays

    Singapore: 100-1000 infections in a month

    This is a very good read from SCMP. Some fine-tuning could have made things better I .....

    Posted in General Discussions

    Re: COVID19 deaths reaching 50,000 soon ...

    Hello? Gathering??

    Posted in General Discussions

    Re: Website "queue". What is this?

    "You have been, or are about to be, assigned a place in the queue. The reason you are now in the queue is either because the website you want to access is not yet open for visitors, or because the website has a large number of users .....

    Posted in Computer, Internet, Phone & Electronics

    Re: Travel to Singapur from Vietnam

    At the moment not thanks to the covid-19. By Sept it's pretty hard to tell. In the meantime there are an number of thread on this board if you will but use the Search function at the upper right of the page above your name.

    Posted in Travel & Holidays