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Cars & Motorcycles

15 May 2012 - Convert Motorcycle License in Singapore

I hope this helps expats (and maybe singaporeans). I (re-)wrote this for people that can read and understand English. Here's the link to the...


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    Re: Couple that ran off with $32m

    I don't see the logic of paying for something you don't see...if you don't see it to buy it, don't buy.

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    Re: Typo in form4A

    You can email at

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    Re: Mass exodus

    Starbucks in educational institutions are also slightly cheaper than the stores outside. Just walk in and buy and you enjoy the price.

    A pity the school canteens had to raise their prices twice this year. Once before the Ukraine war, and another after. 6 years ago I could have 6 pieces of yong .....

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