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Cars & Motorcycles

15 May 2012 - Convert Motorcycle License in Singapore

I hope this helps expats (and maybe singaporeans). I (re-)wrote this for people that can read and understand English. Here's the link to the...


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    Need help to assess PR application profile

    Hi All ,

    would like to ask if anyone could assess my wife PR application the chances to be approve.
    and also would like to know when can we Re-apply for PR

    - been in singapore for 5 years working as S pass holder
    - Salary 2.8k Sgd
    - married for 1 year plus
    - failed PR application back .....

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    Re: New car or Used Car?

    Either of the two you , having a car is a form of an investment and either it is new car or used car you should be mindful that it is still need protection as time goes by because you will never know what will happen in the road while your driving. Having a non-life insurance is a way more better .....

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    Re: Possible to learn a language through apps

    Try Prep Junior! It’s free! A Chinese language learning app, set in Singapore and supported by Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism.
    It’s available on both Android and App Store for young kids 4 and above.

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