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Cars & Motorcycles

15 May 2012 - Convert Motorcycle License in Singapore

I hope this helps expats (and maybe singaporeans). I (re-)wrote this for people that can read and understand English. Here's the link to the...


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    Re: Isn’t it easy to get EP now?

    Are you getting paid in SGD in Singapore?

    It doesn't matter. Where one is getting paid and the currency in which one is paid are both irrelevant to the tax .....

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    Re: Isn’t it easy to get EP now?

    Seems my agency does not want to apply EP. can I ask them to do so now? Thanks

    Why would you want to work for a company that doesn't even want you? .....

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    Re: Anybody tried Barry’s Bootcamp?

    Just as an update, I attended my first red room class a little over 2 weeks ago and since then have gone for 4 more classes. Must say that it is one of the most intensive fitness classes I’ve ever attended. You start out either on .....

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