Convert Motorcycle License in Singapore

Convert Motorcycle License in Singapore

I hope this helps expats (and maybe singaporeans). I (re-)wrote this for people that can read and understand English.

Here's the link to the official Singapore Police Force website on what documents you'll need, where to go, how much to pay, etc:


Please read that website carefully and click around the website before asking a question... don't be lazy.

This is the Traffic Police website:

Congratulations! if you're still reading this page, it probably means you have a keen interest in riding bikes and probably ride some sort of motorcycle in your home country!

As a non-Singaporean rider (singaporeans, please read on), you may ride in singapore and hopefully not get harmed by cagers! you may, for example:

Ride a foreign bike with a foreign license (eg, malaysian bike + malaysian license), or ride (or drive) in singapore for less than 12 months on a pre-existing unrestricted foreign license.

Note that as long as the bike is singapore-registered, there is a legal requirement for each licensed rider to be insured for it.

If you are riding on a foreign license, you will not be able to insure your bike beyond the 12 month mark, so plan ahead.


To convert to a singapore class 2B/2A/2 license, you will need to hold a VALID motorcycle endorsement on your foreign license: eg, being able to ride up to 125cc motorcycles (eg, CBT) or
Your motorcycle license MUST have been obtained through a series of tests ("purchased" licenses are not valid).

You generally do not need an extract of your license from your country's issuing office.

You DO NOT need to sit for the "Riding Theory Test," only the Basic Theory Test (yes, you must pass the BTT).

Basic Theory Test

Nobody has any idea how long you will take to get a BTT date. please defer to the driving schools' websites for registration and dates.

A passed BTT does not expire so i do not believe there's any harm in taking the BTT early - in fact i believe it may save your life because it will familiarize you with local traffic rules and signs.

That mysterious 2A

All 3 classes of motorcycle licenses may be obtained. but usually 2B or 2 are the most common classes. BUT... for example, in Japan, they have

Your riding history & how to stay out of jail

One (1) year is the magic number (previously three years) for getting your license converted.

You need one year's worth of an unrestricted endorsement. the conversion procedure looks at the date listed on your license issued by your country.

Some countries do not indicate when a particular endorsement was obtained, preferring to only list the original date of issue of the first full endorsement obtained (say, you pass your unrestricted motorcar test in 2008 and your unrestricted motorcycle test in 2010, your license might not reflect any information about the 2010 pass date).

Please remember that you are making a statutory declaration on a legal document and singapore is not the best place to make a false declaration...

The same statement applies to the question that asks if you took your motorcar test on an automatic or manual transmission vehicle... if you check the AUTOMATIC box, you will get a singapore 3A (automatic only) motorcar license.

Full class 2 & returning Singaporeans

So this follows on to: how can you, a foreign license holder, obtain a full class 2?

Read the information on the URLs located above. done that? good.

(TP doesn't like dishing out motorcycle licenses to singaporeans who obtained their licenses overseas... so) don't give them a reason to not issue you a class 2 license.

It is recommended that you furnished proof of OWNERSHIP of high-capacity motorcycle(s). this will be in the form of 1) insurance papers and/or 2) vehicle registration papers.

They need to be owned by YOU (stated on the above-mentioned paperwork) for a similar period of time as your foreign driver license.

With the above proof, you should have no problems getting a full class 2. unless you're really young.

As i do not know what the proper definition of high capacity is, i would advise here that "the higher the better."

If you're a non-Singaporean, it is recommended by some that you ride a high capacity bike on a foreign license for as much of that 12 month period as possible prior to conversion - and bring along your insurance papers as proof that you can handle a crotch rocket.

However, as noted by others, you will not qualify for finance on a bike without a singapore license. you will find out it is more difficult to get financing for a $10,000 motorcycle than a $100,000 car. i don't know why.


Also, if you already hold a valid singapore license (eg, class 3/3A), conversion is FREE and instantaneous! a class 2B/2A/2 endorsement will added on as a sticker laminate to your existing license.

Of course, if you choose to not use this sticker laminate and insist on a re-printed driver license, you'll have to pay extra. in this case, you should be smacked.

What if I still can't get a full class 2 licence?

If you're denied a full class 2 (for reasons out of your control, despite complying with the above), you DON'T HAVE TO PROCEED with the application (nothing is cast in stone until payment made).

You should be able to find out if you're given a class 2B, 2A or 2 BEFORE making payment.

Walk away and you can simply try again at another TP counter in a different driving school.

You can also WRITE IN to the TP. they will have to give you a reply and, if you furnish enough valid reasons they will probably grant you a full class 2 license.

(It happened to me! i was issued a class 2B license despite doing everything listed above and i finally got a full class 2 when i wrote a tear jerking letter to TP)

Importing your own bike

It needs to be less than 3 years old from original date of registration. it's probably not worth the hassle unless you are importing a special model unavailable in singapore.

This guy did it, and you can too:

Good luck and be safe out there.

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15 May 2012
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