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Events, Gatherings, Making Friends

03 Jan 2023 - 3 Signs You're Ready to Enter the Dating Pool Again

For the young and single, there’s a general perception that dating is a natural part of daily life. If you have ever gone out on a date, you...

07 Dec 2018 - How to Make Friends When You Move to a New City

Moving to a new city, especially one like Singapore, is exciting and new, but it can also be overwhelming and scary. And if you moved with your...

27 Sep 2018 - How to Find New Friends in a New Country

Moving to a new city can be a scary experience. You leave your friends and family behind for a new job, you travel too many kilometres to count to...


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    Re: Service apartment for long term stay

    There is one called Great World City Service Apartment. It is in the city center and is connected to mall, supermarket and Subway station. I stayed there when I came first to Singapore 7 years before.

    I know several people .....

    Posted in Relocating, Moving to Singapore

    Re: Landlord Dispute

    Hi All,
    I moved to a landed property about 1.5 years ago. Three weeks after we moved in, the landlord sold the property. As we had a two-year lease, we were not concerned. The new landlord came to meet us and let us know that they would .....

    Posted in Property Talk, Housing & Rental

    Re: Rents are peaking!

    Getting out of Dodge!

    Posted in Property Talk, Housing & Rental