Should You Consider Relocating To Singapore From America?

Should You Consider Relocating To Singapore From America?

There’s no denying that the USA is a spectacular country – there’s no end to entertainment, the economy is constantly thriving, and there are many liberties that people are thrilled about. Nevertheless, people can often find themselves wanting more, a change in their lives, and Singapore could be that change that you’re looking for.

Whilst completely opposite to the likes of America, there are several life-changing opportunities available in Singapore, from a business perspective and a personal one. When looking for accommodation in America, you will be required to complete a VISA application form for entry, whereas in Singapore, a VIS A isn’t necessary so you can organise a visit with less hassle. Putting that aside though, let’s explore some more reasons as to why relocating to Singapore could be a good idea.

Strong Crackdown On Crime

Although the possession of a gun isn’t strictly illegal in America, gun crime in itself is. In 2017, there were a total number of 378 deaths as the hands of gun crime in America, compared to a much smaller figure for Singapore as any gun wielding is strictly forbidden. Guns and drugs alike are illegal in Singapore, and the capturing of any criminals within the country is achieved at an extremely fast rate. In addition, any immigrants in the country are soon packed off home to ensure the safety of the country, so when it comes down to your personal wellbeing and security, relocating to Singapore could be the right choice for you.

Thriving Business Economy

Perhaps it’s your lifelong dream to start-up your very own financial business, but you simply haven’t had the resources to do it – Singapore has been branded as the best financial hub in the world, way above the likes of America. As previously mentioned, America does have a lucrative market, however Singapore hold a great deal more in terms of their economy, such as having a stable government and political system, which is vital for all businesses, start-up or not. Moreover, corruption within Singapore is significantly low, due to the strict regulations that they have in place to protect their people, whereas corruption remains scarily high in countries such as the US.

Extortionate Education Fees

Another reason for people to relocate to Singapore is for better education opportunities, and while the education system in Singapore remains pristine in terms of how the system is ran, the costs for high-quality education exceed the budgets of hundreds of people, at least for expats anyway. For local residents of the Asian country, education costs remain reasonably affordable – it’s only expats that are required to pay a higher amount, and even more so for private education.

Accommodation Rent Is Expensive

Furthermore, it isn’t just the education that could burst the bank, but the accommodation as well. As a country with a high demand for land and general space, accommodation has to be priced higher than other countries around the world, including America. For the majority of people, a relocation to Singapore is usually done for business purposes, requiring you to work within their financially successful city. Naturally though, areas closer to the city centre are going to cost you even more, and even landed homes will remain expensive regardless of their situation to the city. As long as you’re willing to reside far from the city centre though, you should be able to find yourself a cost-effective deal.

In summary, it’s clear to see the more advantageous opportunities that are provided by Singapore, however the major downside is the price you have to pay. With a booming market and glowing community, living in America is far from disastrous. However, if Singapore is looking that bit more appealing to you, and you’re willing to pay the price of relocating there, then it’s a decision that we’d definitely recommend making.

12 Jan 2018
Damien Troy