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Five Things You Can Do To Get A Truly Fresh Start As An Expat

Five Things You Can Do To Get A Truly Fresh Start As An Expat

Life as a newly-settled expat has never been easy, especially for those seeking an entirely new start. Among worries about the location you’ve chosen, the home you’re looking to move into and all of the costs and stresses related to the moving process, it can be far too easy to forget why you’ve decided to move abroad in the first place. For countless expats, the point in moving abroad is to get a fresh start in their life and when you’re weighed down by moving stress, this can be easy to forget. To give you a break from all of that packing, we’ve put together a simple guide to help you get that fresh start you’re desperately searching for.

Freshen Up Your Look

This is probably one of the simplest ways to get a fresh start when you travel but also one of the most effective. When you have a new look to show off and enjoy, you can launch into your new move with confidence. Whether you opt for a new wardrobe, or you finally look into that hair transplant Turkey procedure you’ve been considering, now is the time to do it. If you’re a little tight on cash, you could simply opt for clearing out your wardrobe and piecing together new combinations to give the illusion of a new outfit. Whatever you choose, a fresher look is guaranteed to leave you feeling ready for your new life.

Rediscover Old Interests

This may seem like a step back in theory, but the reality is that your brand new, fresh start will give you the opportunity to pick up old interests and hobbies that you may have lost touch with over the years. Whether you used to write and lost the time to do so, or you’ve got a craft that you were never able to turn into something unique, your move abroad is the ideal time to finally break out those skills once more.

Or Find A New Hobby!

If you’re truly dedicated to the ‘fresh start’ ideal and want to avoid taking any of your old life with you, searching for a new hobby in your new local area could be an alternative to the previous point. Finding a group or activity in your local area will not only give you something to do while you’re settling in, but it can also open up the opportunity to make friends with the same interests as you along the way.

Make Local Friends

Following on from the above point, making friends around your new home will help you settle in much faster and build a support network beyond your friends and family back in your home country. When making the life-changing decision to move abroad, support is everything and you’ll need this both before and after your move, so making friends should be one of your first ports of call upon arrival. Of course, there’s the option of joining a group like we’ve mentioned above, but your colleagues, families in the area and other local expats are all good ways to make friends abroad.

Consider Taking A Trial Run First

If you’re truly nervous about your move and making a fresh start abroad, why not take a trial run first? It could mean paying out for a holiday before your big move, but if you have the money to do so, take a trip to your intended location and try out a couple of weeks there. Does it feel like somewhere you could live? Is it too similar to home for your liking? Should you look somewhere else? These are all questions you could theoretically answer by taking a ‘trial run’ so why not give it a shot?

Becoming an expat is never easy, but with the right support and planning, it can be a much simpler process. Getting a fresh start overseas could mean getting a new look, making new friends or even just getting involved in new or existing hobbies with local residents – whatever you choose to do, your adventure is guaranteed to give you something to remember.

19 Jun 2018
Damien Troy

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