Tips For Workers Moving To Singapore

Tips For Workers Moving To Singapore

Moving away in another country comes with considerable risk. But you can minimize those risks by further educating yourself about the country and its' rules. You need to realize how much more than just an adaptation process is needed. You will need to learn the law of the country. You have to get used to the culture and become accustomed to their traditions.

All and all, that's not the hardest part. The hardest part is to place yourself out there and find a job.

A lot of people are planning to move to Singapore to start working there. Assuming that you already did your fair and square research, and are ready to move to Singapore, we will start with some simple tips to find work, combine your social life with working life and live happily and comfortably in the lion city. 

Are you eligible to work in Singapore?

Check if you can work in Singapore before you decide to act on your desire. You will need to get a permit of work. There are several different types of permits and work passes, but you'll need to meet the requirements for any of them.

To pass the test and get a working pass you need to prove your working experience. You need to have relevant qualifications and past work examples. Without a landed job in Singapore, you won't be able to get the permit to work there. You need to find a job there and prove that your salary meets the minimum level.

Learn about your industry in Singapore

You might already be familiar with your country's market situation, but Singapore is a small city-state, and there might be a different competition state.

Tourism is flourishing in Singapore. If you are qualified in tourism-related industries, you could give it a shot. If you are an office worker, office manager, assistant or something similar, the chances are, you might find the work faster than other professionals.

Computer science, web, and game development professionals are also welcome with a friendly and comfortable working environment.

In general, everyone can start working in Singapore. It's just easier for some professionals and industry experts than for the others.

Research the living costs

After you've landed a job, got an offer and applied for a work Visa, you are ready to start planning your budget.

The financial state is the most important thing when moving to another country. The finances are always important, but in this case, they're crucial.

Research and plan your:

  • Moving costs (Airplane tickets, etc.)
  • Shipping costs (to ship your belongings to Singapore)
  • Visa costs
  • Housing costs (places to rent in Singapore, rent costs and extra services)
  • Accommodation costs (electricity, gas, other services)
  • Grocery shopping and food expenses
  • Public transportation fees
  • Car rental costs (if you decide to own a private transportation tool)
  • Internet costs (Especially if you are a freelancer and your work depends on your internet connection)
  • Clothing and personal items (You can always order online if you are not happy with the prices, but consider the shipping costs too).
  • Taxes

Consider a side/part-time job

We already mentioned the importance of the Internet for your Freelance work. That's because of a lot of people who decide to move to another country work remotely.

You can also consider working as a freelancer on a part-time or full-time basis. It's going to be tough on finances at first, so you'll need every help you can get.

And finally, start building relationships with locals. Join communities, get out there and meet new people. No list or guide will help you better than a person who's there for you. Singapore is a great city to live in, and you will be amazed how fast you can adapt to a strange environment.

16 Nov 2018
Singapore Expats