Five best drinks to stay awake

Five best drinks to stay awake

It is common for people to be lazy during the day. There are many reasons for being lazy such as not getting adequate sleep, over eating, being sick, etc. a person who is lazy in the day and tired might not be able to do as much work as he/she possibly could. Our body attitude is determined by our food and water intake.

There are foodstuffs that boost energy and cause one to have an active lifestyle. However, for this discussion, I will only talk about the drinks that keep us active and awake for a long time.

The list of 5 drinks is as follows:


It is a brewed drink that is prepared from the seeds of the coffee plant. Once the plant is harvested, we have coffee beans which are then used for preparing this hot drink. Coffee plants are now being harvested in over 70 countries. One of the main constituents of coffee is caffeine which is a psychoactive ingredient. Drinking coffee helps one in staying active, attentive and awake for a longer time. To know more about coffee and espresso stuff, and how to brew them perfectly, visit

Apple Juice

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Remember this famous phrase from the last century? Well, yes it applies to all of us till date. Apple juice is packed with all the important vitamins and natural sugars which are enough to suffice for keeping the body healthy and active. Apple juice is famous for multiple reasons. Not only will it make one stay active for long but will also uplift the skin tone.

Green Tea

Recommended by dermatologists and nutritionists from all across the globe, this drink has several benefits. If you are worried about consuming huge amounts of caffeine with coffee, then you better switch to drinking green tea. It has less amount of caffeine as compared to black tea. There is no need to add sugar, and one can easily stay active for quite a long time.


The mother of all liquids is here to help. Staying hydrated is the right of a human body. A person who consumes the recommended amount of water will very likely remain active throughout the day. Drinking 4 to 8 glasses of water is a good intake. However, don’t go for chilled water every time. Drinking mild water throughout the day can not only help in reducing weight by burning fat but also help the mind in staying active.


This energy drink grabbed headlines when it officially got introduced to the world. Packed with caffeine, sugars and all the necessary elements required for staying awake, it also enters this list. Although drinking carbonated drinks regularly is not suggested, but if you are worried about an important meeting, then drinking this drink can help to a great extent.


Well, the above list is a short cut portion of all the variety that is available. Staying active is an important part of a person’s lifestyle. Drinks can help, but it is better to rely on exercise and a smart diet to make sure that you’re always on the ball.

08 May 2019
James Hunt