The Similarities Between Football and Other Sports

The Similarities Between Football and Other Sports

If you are a Steelers fan, it is likely that American football is on the list of your top sports and that you support your favorite team devoutly. However, if you are thinking about getting involved in another sport, but you are unsure which is the right option for you, this list compiles the games closest to football and the ones that you are likely to enjoy the most.


Although golf is a solo sport which may at first seem vastly different from American football, there are similarities between the two. For instance, both golfers and footballers have to be mentally and physically fit to play both 18 holes and the football equivalent of 90 minutes on the field. Both sports also rely on weather conditions to ensure the quality of the playing area, and both are sports with value aim and accuracy in attempts to reach a specific hole or goal, even though you reach these points with a club in golf and through kicking the ball in the other. The success of your play also relies on your equipment in both sports. For instance, in football, you need the right football boots to boost your game and allow you to play well regardless of conditions. In golf, you need the right club to succeed, such as those sold by PXG, which use science to provide you with customized and highly effective clubs built for accuracy.


In soccer, every player is allowed to use their feet to kick the ball towards the goal, and only the goalkeeper is allowed to use their hands outside of throw-ins. However, in American football, this is done solely through using your hands, and kicks are only allowed for return punts. However, there are many similarities such as the concept of there being two goals at either end of the pitch, the number of players for both is 11, and the equipment is similar. Although the shape of the ball is different, there are many similarities and differences in terms of the rules of soccer and American football.


Rather than scoring a goal, in both rugby and American football, the rules rely on touchdowns and tries, and downs and tackles which take precedent. They also have the same shaped ball, which tends to be oval in shape and of a similar size. Additionally, the playing fields are both 100 m long. However, they have a different number of players, with rugby having 15 and football having 11, and they each have a differing set of rules. American football originated from rugby though, and so there are still distinct similarities, such as using your hands to pass the ball rather than in soccer, which uses your feet.

Although you may believe that American football is a distinct sport that is widely different from other ball sports, this is not the case. If you love American football and the Steelers, there are a wide range of sports that are similar to American football, with every sport from baseball to golf having similarities that make it easy to take up a new passion.

03 Jun 2019
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