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4 Easy Tips to Learn a New Language Quickly

Some people are crazy to speak different languages. Some people can make this wish true and other people think it is beyond their capacity. When people started to learn a new language, they make lame excuses because they don't want to put any extra effort into it. Although learning a new language is always an exciting task and I'm 100% sure you'll love it. Still if unfortunately, you're using the wrong service I mean teacher who is helping you in learning a foreign language then it would be difficult.

Here we have collected some exciting, easy, and helpful shortcuts for you to learn a new language.

1.     Don’t Forget to Speak With Natives

Do you think without speaking your target language you can learn it? Without practice, you cannot achieve your language goal. People spend most of their time memorizing the list of vocabulary and grammar. Speaking with a native speaker will help you to feel more motivated about learning a new language instead of staring at a computer screen or reading grammar books.


When you make up your mind for it, start your search to find out those who can speak your target language. You can hire a tutor, but if you don't find any speaker of your learning language nearby, you can contact someone on Skype.

2.     Study Regularly

Many people claim that they have studied a language for many years, but still they are not fluent. For me, I think when they say many years, they probably mean that they have studied for only a few days a month over that whole period. Make one thing clear if you want to learn another language quickly; you have to study it for a couple of hours every day.

The new language requires repetition. If you take long breaks during the study, you are more likely to forget what you have learned in the last study session.

3.     Use Online Translators

When you hear a new phrase or new words from your target language for the first time you don't understand them. By using an online free translation tool, you can convert the phrase or word into your first language. In this way, you can understand them and also would be able to use the same words or phrases in your conversation. 

4.     Listen, Write, Watch, and Read in Target Language

Watching movies, listening to music, and read the books in your new language can help you to learn it quickly. Avoid to watch with subtitles relying on your own will also enhance your listening skill to pick new words. You can start with kid cartoons. Also, try to read and write in the target language. Open a new article daily in the target language and read it.

Okay, here we have some reasons why people want to learn different languages:

  • These days knowledge of different languages give you several opportunities. You can work with foreigners, international companies, and clients.
  • You could be a translator or language teacher.
  • You can improve your communication skills.
  • Some people want to expand their business internationally and having command in other languages can help them to achieve their goals and business success.
  • You can have friends from different cultures.
  • By learning foreign languages, you can enhance your creativity.
  • The study of a foreign tongue leads to an admiration of cultural diversity. 
16 Sep 2019
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