Best Student Travel Guide

Best Student Travel Guide

Many students around the world would like to travel but can’t due to financial constraints. It is true, traveling costs can add up and become unachievable for students and other people who are on a budget. However, traveling doesn’t have to be expensive because there are ways you can stretch a dollar and get to see other parts of the world. 

There are budgeting tips that can help students that would like to travel make their dreams a reality. Here is the best student travel guide that will help aspirant travelers explore the world on a budget.

Pick the destination carefully

Choosing the most affordable destination is very important because that is where you will be spending everyday costs. Don’t fall for the trap of letting airfare dictate your travel destinations because that can lead to spending more money in-country than you budgeted for. 

For example, $100 might not get you through the day in Europe but if you go to Southeast Asia, you can use that amount for more than a week. To get the best out traveling abroad, factor in transportation costs, daily activities, and accommodation. 

You can also get more time to travel if you use a service that writes papers for students. With all your writing assignments being taken care of by highly trained writers, you can plan your trip better.

Volunteer overseas

Volunteering abroad can be a great method to shed off some costs and even travel for free. Although you may have some work cut out for you in the organization you’ll be volunteering for, there will be time to roam the streets of that country. 

Accommodation will most likely be free, which sheds off a huge burden of traveling and above that, you will be supporting a good cause. All that combined will improve your travel experience while saving you some money. 

Some volunteer services may require you to write an essay to get admitted into their program. In that case, you need to work on the best topics for a persuasive paper that can win you a chance to volunteer abroad.

Plan everything ahead

Planning the trip carefully will help you be more mindful of the expenses instead of doing everything haphazardly and at the last minute. There may be times when airfare can drop significantly than other months, so try to plan traveling around that period to save money. 

Planning will also expose you to different prices in the market and that will enable you to save more money. Alternatively, get an app like Skyscanner Price Alert, which is a digital tool that will notify you if there is any change of costs. 

Look into country-specific content like a Japan travel guide or an Iceland travel guide, depending on the country you’d like to go to.

Use affordable transportation

Traveling around the country you’d like to travel too can cost a lot of money if you don’t look for alternative methods of transportation. Using regular transportation means like taking taxi cabs and planes around the country can add a lot of costs. 

To avoid paying too much, use alternative methods such as bike-sharing programs which is a fun and affordable way to move around. Other methods you can use are trains, ride-sharing, and buses. 

If you are unsure about which is the best method, ask locals in chat forums and social media. Locals will help you make your student travel trip much easier and affordable.

Get affordable accommodation

Accommodation can also consume a large amount of your budget and using the regular hotel system can be really expensive. Search for backpackers hostels because they can be the best option to sleep cheap. 

Alternatively, use Airbnb to sleep cheap in the country you’d like to travel to. These more affordable options can also help you get a feel of the local cultures and living arrangements of that place.

Use student discounts

Being a student also unlocks you to more awesome benefits such as discounts. Using flash sales on Transatlantic, you can use your student card to get discounts at more than 133 countries worldwide. 

Although you can travel with the university or college student card issued by the school you’re in, it isn’t always guaranteed. The card that guarantees more discounts is the International Student Identity Card, so make it a goal to get it.

The bottom line

Traveling as a student on a budget is possible and it is achieved mostly by planning ahead and considering all phases of your trip. For example, you need to consider even the costs you will incur when you are in the destination country. Alternatively, you can travel with next to nothing by volunteering abroad and cutting most of the expenses.

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17 Dec 2019
Elizabeth Skinner