Lockdown essentials in Singapore

Lockdown essentials in Singapore

With the stark increase in COVID-19 cases in Singapore in recent days, PM Lee Hsien Loong announced on 21 April 2020 that the ‘circuit breaker’ period in Singapore would be extended to 1 June and that measures would be tightened further. Hair salons, confectionaries, and other stores deemed to be non-essential were among the places listed to be shut. While most people were prepared for a one-month lockdown, the extension of the lockdown period and the closure of the aforementioned stores have led to even more people turning to online shopping to get what they need.

Here are some of the most sought after items in Singapore:

  1. Tea and coffee

Current lockdown measures allow staff who work in essential services to continue to work in the office, but all other employees are expected to work from home. Without being able to rely on the pantry brew, more people have stocked up on tea and coffee supplies at home. The recent popularity of Dalgona coffee has also contributed to demand for instant coffee powder as more people try their hand at making this beverage at home. 

  1. Snacks

Whether people are snacking out of boredom or stress caused by the lockdown, or snacking out of a desire to avoid the hassle of purchasing proper meals, both healthy snacks and unhealthy junk food have risen in popularity these days. As local confectionaries, dessert stores and bubble tea shops will all be closed from 22 April to 1 June, the demand for snacks is rising even faster.

  1. Office and school supplies

When ‘circuit breaker’ measures were first announced, many people in Singapore swarmed the stores to obtain everything they might conceivably require for their studies or work for a one-month lockdown period. From stationery to computer equipment, and even to furniture like study desks and chairs, people were buying what they need to create makeshift work spaces at home. However, in order to cope with the extended lockdown, some people are purchasing supplementary items such as computer monitors, lap desks, and assessment books.

  1. Hobby essentials

Working from home as helped many people to save time they would otherwise have spent commuting or getting ready to go to work. While parents are feeling the strain by having to cope with working from home on top of helping their child with home based learning, others are spending their newfound leisure on old passions and new hobbies. Craft materials, music accessories, books, and on-demand television subscriptions are all rising in popularity as people look for ways to occupy themselves.   

  1. Kitchen equipment and ingredients

Depending on the neighbourhood they live in, food delivery options for some can be rather limited. Combined with the inconvenience of leaving the house to purchase takeaway and the desire to eat more healthily during the pandemic, more people are beginning to experiment in the kitchen by making their own meals. A quick check at any supermarket will reveal that popular noodles, spices, baking ingredients, and even kitchen equipment like rice cookers have all been flying off the shelves.

  1. Exercise equipment

As gyms and dance studios are closed during the lockdown, common home gym equipment like dumbbells, exercise bikes, and treadmills have all become particularly sought after during this period as people search for a way to exercise while cooped up at home. Yoga mats, resistance bands, exercise balls and skipping ropes, are all bestselling fitness items on Amazon SG.

15 May 2020