How to Achieve Such a Successful Education System as in Singapore

How to Achieve Such a Successful Education System as in Singapore

Singapore has of late put in place education reforms, and from them, Singapore education has registered outstanding achievements. Among the wins include continued high performances. This makes most schools from around the world copy the countries education system, and so should your school. The traditional education system doesn't fit in this ever-evolving digital world. It is; therefore, the time schools change game tricks and produce students fit to further education and work from any part of the world.

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So, how can copying the Singaporean education system help students from different parts of the world perform well? Can it help your child achieve academic excellence and prepare for today's technological world? Let's find out.

1.      The System Student-Centric

Among the key factors that make education in Singapore successful is individual-based education. The system mainly focuses on areas your child performs best, then nurtures it based on that by equipping your child with competencies and core skills to fit the current economy and handle situations professionally. The country's holistic education also tests on talents and unique skills a child may hold.

Besides, the Singaporean education system tests students individually and not in general exams in the education system of a country like England. That way, the teachers spot every student's weaknesses. Hence, your child gets the exactly needed help.

2.      It is Value-Based

Singapore values the success, commitment, and morals of its citizens. This is well portrayed in their education system, another reason the country's education consistently ranks high. Moreover, your child, after undergoing this education system, comes out equipped to understand different cultures. Thus, your child can study in any university or work from anywhere from around the world after learning under the Singaporean education system. The best part yet, any student, having gone through the system, can work from any country globally.

3.      It Has Competent Teachers

Get it right here. Not that teachers from other countries aren't prepared well. Singapore's case is, however, unique, meaning this is a reason the country's education remains on top, too. The National Institute of Education (NIE), according to news detail, is among the top known education bodies worldwide, as seen in its operations. The body comprehensively prepares the teachers for their work before graduating.

Further, NIE scrutinizes their skills before allowing them to join the teachers' crew. From that, they prepare students the best way. Similarly, schools opt to follow suit to reach the Singapore education levels or even outshine it. So, what is so unique with the Singaporean education system that prepares teachers?

The point is, NIE prepares and scrutinizes all teachers before they begin teaching. It is an institute entrusted with ensuring teachers are qualified. That is, they have the right competencies and attributes to offer quality teaching to students before they even graduate. Over that, the body ensures that each teacher is fit to prepare 21st-century students digitally. All this ensures all Singaporean teachers are relevant in the ever-changing local and international educational system. Singaporean education is thus fit in today's fast-evolving technological advancement, which similarly changes the nature of jobs available daily.

To achieve all these, NIE developed three sets of value paradigm.

The 3 Paradigm

  1. a. Leaner-Centered values, which entails:
  • Valuing diversity
  • Responsiveness
  • Every child is potential to learn
  • Obligation to nurture every child's potential

b. Teacher identity which are:

  • Passion
  • Ethical
  • Professionalism
  • Aims for top values
  • The pursuit for learning
  • Enquiring nature
  • Endeavors to improve
  • Adaptive for resilience

 c. Service to the profession and community that involves:

  • Stewardship
  • Mutual learning and practice
  • Commitment and social responsibility
  • Building mentorship and apprenticeship

According to the research gate, NIE similarly advises the Singapore Ministry of Education in the school curriculum and education policies, among other roles.

Other factors that make the Singaporean education system so much successful include:

  • Digital classes to fit the technological advancement in education
  • Parentage engagement.
  • Clear education goals.

Government education bodies and ministries need to implement these and other values that make the Singaporean education system among the best worldwide. Over and above, if all that is topped with the best assignment services, your child thrives in education – that's your dream, right?

In conclusion

Singaporean education undoubtedly proves to be the best fit for students from how schools ever rank high internationally. More precisely, it is wise to send your child to a school that implements the system used in this country, that is, if at all you are after making your child's future brighter.


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03 Mar 2021
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