How To Apply For ESTA From Singapore to the US

How To Apply For ESTA From Singapore to the US

Back in 1999, Singapore was a member of the Visa waiver program, which granted Singaporeans a more excellent motive of using ESTA instead of enrolling for a permit to go to the US. This has boosted the tourism division at large.

ESTA was created to displace the American express passport network in the United States for specific mainlands. It is part of the Waiver system, and it's used for documenting your admission effortlessly via the online request before you make your trip to the US.

The tour policy was formulated by the Department of Homeland Security of the United States, allowing residents of 39 nations the sovereignty to trek to the United States without correlating to an official American visa.

ESTA Requirements

  • Needs personality credentials that should be legal for up to 90 days.
  • As an Esta traveler, you should always have a visa.
  • An Esta access is validatable for two years until it terminates.
  • The ticket can be used for athletic, medical or transport activities.
  • If you have a kid, he or she requires a different Esta visa from yours.
  • Visa Waiver Programme usually authorizes the Us department for homeland security to watch who is arriving in the US or traveling across the USA.

How an application for an ESTA is made

It only takes you an utmost of 20 twinklings to complete your signup. It's an online document that comprises questions to infer whether the ESTA has been approved or waned. Other things that could make your ESTA get declined and they include;

  • State problems.
  • Delinquent convictions.
  • Terrorist movements.

When you want to apply for an ESTA when you are a Singaporean resident, you need to have a credible ticket, and they also need your email address to send you the application details there. You should also have a functioning model of payment, either a credit card or debit card.

When the ESTA has been ascertained, and in use, you can use it to transit to the US as long as your passport is valid. When traveling, you should send your ESTA data in advance so that the agency could look into it and deal with any issues that may arise. The ESTA could be approved immediately or may take a while.

Advice for ESTA holders

You should always double-check the details you keyed in your application to avoid any mistakes so that the application can run smoothly. Otherwise, you will face a lot of complications before getting your ESTA.

Precautions to take when your ESTA is declined.

You could opt to apply for a business or tourism visa, and for this to push through; you will have to fill in a D-160 form and arrange an interview with your US embassy.

Benefits of using ESTA as a Singaporean citizen

  • You can use ESTA for as many US visits as you wish.
  • The processing time is fast.
  • You could visit the US for either business, tourist, or transit events.
  • It's valid for visits up to 90 days.
  • Filling in applications is instant.
  • You could fill in the application form either on your phone or laptop.


Applying for an ESTA using  is the best way to visit the United States on short notice since the application is quick.


12 Jun 2021
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