Ready to Move in Apartments in Dubai

Ready to Move in Apartments in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is one of the richest and most stable countries in the world. It is a modern state with excellent living and working conditions. There are high salaries and no corruption. Here, all the systems of society's vital activity work cleanly and honestly. Every year the number of emigrants to the UAE is growing. What is the reason for such popularity of the country? What is attractive about the Arab Emirates, besides the fact that it is a year-round resort? And why do people of different ages and different professions, having been here once, decide to move here to live and buy property in Dubai?

Reasons to choose UAE to move for permanent residence:

  • Safety

Here nothing threatens your health and property. You can leave your car, office or house open. And nothing will be lost. You can walk alone at midnight and nothing will happen. The crime rate in the country is minimized. The impeccable order in the UAE is maintained by the police and special services, in which the government is investing huge amounts of money. The legal culture of local residents plays an important role.

  • Education

The government understands that highly qualified employees are needed for the successful development of the country. Therefore, education is one of the main directions, funded and supported by the state. Ideal conditions for the work of higher educational institutions have been created here. There are 3 public universities and about 100 private universities in the UAE. There are also branches of the most prestigious universities in the USA, Switzerland, Great Britain, Belgium, Australia. Education in them is, as a rule, cheaper than education in the main university. And upon graduation, graduates receive international diplomas, without specifying the place of issue.

  • Infrastructure

The developed system of transport, education, health care, as well as a huge selection of the most incredible entertainment create ideal conditions for living in the UAE. The state takes care of the citizens and residents of the Emirate. For example, all bus stops are equipped with air conditioning, and a single card is valid for paying for any type of transport. The roads are perfect and the streets are clean.

  • Innovations

The unspoken motto of the UAE is faster, higher, stronger. This country strives to be the best, making the most of new developments and modern technological solutions. Here are the tallest skyscrapers, the largest artificial islands and the most impressive amusement parks, including a real ski resort (in the conditions of eternal summer). Metro trains are run without a driver. Smart homes provide themselves with electricity using solar panels. Flying taxis are planned to be launched in the UAE soon. This year, the world's first flying unmanned taxi has already been tested and has been crowned with success. It is difficult to imagine that half a century ago there was a desert on the territory of the ultramodern Emirates. This is probably why the Emirates are striving so hard to become the most innovative country in the world. They have no prejudices and relics of the past, but they have huge resources and a clear desire to become No. 1.

Apartments in Dubai: price review

The volume of investments in the capital's real estate annually increases by an average of 15%. Almost 85% of the city's population are newcomers who rent housing. By renting out apartments in Dubai, you can receive income from 5 to 10% per annum. Serviced premium class apartments in world famous hotels can bring in about 10% per year.

The average cost of apartments in Dubai is 4-4.5 thousand dollars / m². You can buy apartments in Dubai in one of the peripheral districts at a price of $ 2.5 thousand / m². Prices for apartments with an area of ??40 m² start at $ 100 000, and the cost of penthouses in the area of ??the man-made bay reaches $ 20 million.

Citizens of India, Great Britain and Pakistan most often buy apartments in Dubai among foreigners. The greatest demand is for real estate in the areas of Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Beach Residence and Dubai Marina. You can buy property in Dubai at a price of $ 150,000.

Apartments in Dubai: short overview

Russians buy apartments in the UAE most often in Dubai. The demand of foreigners for local real estate is high, and prices are relatively volatile. They are decreasing, but more often they are growing at a rapid pace, so much so that the country's authorities are forced to take measures to prevent the formation of a “bubble” in the market.

The country, which grew up among the sands and built hundreds of oases in the desert, is famous for all the “best” in the world. In addition to the tallest building on the planet, the largest park of fresh flowers is located here, the construction of the tallest Ferris wheel is planned ... Well, the apartments in the UAE may not certainly be “the best”, but by some parameters they are quite claiming to be described in superlatives.

If you are not yet sure and are just thinking about buying, then experts recommend renting a house in the United Arab Emirates and living in this country for some time, feeling how much the mentality and climate suits you.

We will help you buy apartments in Dubai

The specialists of our agency will select a modest apartment in a developing modern area or luxury apartments with a full set of additional amenities within the residential complex, furniture, high-tech technical equipment from world luxury brands and access to a private beach. The price of the object will depend on the location, the size of the premises and the service package - from ordinary to exclusive. Our company regularly updates the summary table of prices for different types of apartments in Dubai, which can be found on the website. We will resolve all legal issues, provide comprehensive transaction support, resolve rental issues and help manage your new home from a distance. Entrust your choice to professionals!

23 Jul 2021
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