Essential Home Maintenance Actions to Safeguard Your Family

Essential Home Maintenance Actions to Safeguard Your Family

Maintain the Window Wells or Face Unpleasant Surprises

The window wells of your home are the unsung heroes that prevent water damage during rainfall. Their purpose is to provide a barrier against accumulated water pressure that could damage the basement windows and flood your home. An instance of a homeowner neglecting his window wells is a stern reminder. After moderate rainfall, a clogged gutter caused a large volume of water to pool into his window well. The accumulated leaves acted as a pool liner, stopping the drainage and increasing the water level until the pressure shattered the basement windows, causing substantial damage. Unfortunately, insurance coverage for such flooding is rarely provided. To avoid such disasters, keep window wells clean with a cover readily available at home centers.

Purge Your Water Heater Sediment or Reduce Its Life Span

Water heaters are indispensable appliances, but their maintenance is often overlooked. For example, a distressed homeowner once reported a malfunctioning and leaking water heater. The problem? The homeowner hadn't been draining the water heater annually, causing sediment to accumulate at the bottom of the tank, leading to hot spots in gas-powered heaters, causing premature failure. For electric water heaters, sediment buildup can cause the lower heating element to fail.

Ensure the longevity of your water heater by draining it at least once a year, which will prolong its life and save on energy bills.

Lubricate Garage Door Springs or Replace Them Earlier Than Expected

The torsion springs above the garage door roller tracks are prone to metal fatigue and corrosion, necessitating their replacement over time. However, lubricating these springs at least once a year prolongs their lifespan and ensures smoother operation. Use a garage door lubricant available at home centers, and remember to protect the wall behind the spring with a piece of cardboard to avoid messy spills.

Lubricating the rollers, hinges, and tracks simultaneously is a prudent move for the seamless operation of your garage door.

Scan for Mice Nests or Endure Equipment Damage

Enclosed spaces, such as engine compartments, window A/C units, and the nooks and crannies of a lawn tractor, make ideal homes for mice during winter. If your equipment has been sitting idle for a while, inspect it for mice nests before you start it up. Furry stowaways may have caused damage by gnawing on wires or blocking up parts of the machinery.

Mice nests can cause electronics to overheat and even get sucked into and clog carburetors, causing additional maintenance issues.

Clean the Dryer Vents or Risk Fire

A clogged dryer vent is not only inefficient, but it also poses a significant fire risk. Dryers centrally located in homes are most prone to clogging due to longer ducts. However, lint accumulation is not the only reason for blockages; nesting pests and stuck exhaust hood flappers can also cause backups. Indications of a plugged vent include more pungent odors and longer dry times.

Remove a clogged vent from the back of the dryer and clean the ducts using a wet/dry vacuum or a cleaning kit with a brush on a long flexible rod. Replace the vents, if necessary, with smooth metal ones that stay cleaner longer.

Ensure Garage Door Balance or Risk Your Opener

Regular balance checks are crucial to prevent injury and premature wear on your garage door opener. To test the balance of your door, first, disconnect the door opener by pulling the release handle. Then, manually move the door about halfway up. The counterweight system (springs) is improperly balanced if it doesn't stay put. Rebalancing a garage door is a task best left to professionals due to the high injury risk.

Seal Exterior Wood or Invite Decay

Exterior wood on your house, such as trim or decks, can quickly deteriorate due to constant exposure to the elements. Unsealed wood is vulnerable to rot and insect damage. Sealing wood with a quality exterior finish protects it and enhances your house's aesthetic. Consider using a clear water-repellent wood preservative before staining or painting. 

In conclusion, ensuring your family's safety should be a top priority, and regular home maintenance is an integral part of that process. From electrical safety checks to mold prevention, each maintenance action contributes to creating a safe haven for your family. Do not overlook any element, including sliding door repairs, which are just as crucial for your home's security. For all your handyman needs, consider engaging Handyman Services Singapore. With their expert knowledge and proficiency, they offer reliable services that cover a wide range of maintenance and repair tasks, including sliding door repair services. A well-maintained home is not only a pleasure to live in, but it also safeguards the well-being of your family, giving you peace of mind.

25 May 2023
SG Expats