Most Popular Private Jet Routes for Singaporean Travelers

Most Popular Private Jet Routes for Singaporean Travelers

Singapore is a bustling Asian metropolis full of culture, business, delicious food, and captivating sights and sounds. With a strong economy and a thirst for travel, Singaporeans visit various destinations each year; here are a few of the most popular routes. 


Japan is easily one of the most popular countries to visit for Singaporeans. Whether someone wants to book a private jet or travel with their family to Japan, it is often near the top of most people’s travel lists. 

Thanks to the great weather, spectacular food, and endless amounts to see and do, it is a heavenly destination right on the doorstep of Singapore. The quiet travel season falls right in the middle of the Singaporean school holidays, making it an ideal destination for families.

South Korea

Another country packed with futuristic living and culture is South Korea. It has weather patterns similar to those in Japan, and considering it is the home to so much pop culture that is adored in Singapore, it is no surprise that it is a prime holiday destination. 

While many similarities between South Korea and Japan appeal to Singaporeans, South Korea is often preferred due to being slightly less popular over the same holiday months.


Indonesia is another popular destination for Singaporean holiday-makers thanks to the fantastic weather, beautiful islands, and the chance to have a more secluded holiday even at the peak of the tourist season. 

The island-hopping nature of Indonesia makes you feel like you are having multiple holidays in one, and the favorable exchange rate is highly appealing to those looking for more bang for their buck.


Malaysia is similar to Singapore in many ways, and due to the close relationship the two countries share, it is often a top-rated holiday destination for Singaporeans. Both have large Muslim populations, which means a lot of Singaporeans feel like Malaysia is a home away from home. 

Plus, Malaysia is a very affordable country once you leave the main hubs and cities. There is also a lot to see and do that isn’t in Singapore, and Malaysians are often regarded as some of the friendliest locals in Asia.


Thailand is famous amongst Singaporeans for the same reason it is popular worldwide: it is very affordable to holiday there. From taxi rides to luxury hotels, you can live like royalty for a week or two if you save just a little money. 

Thailand is ideal for friends, couples, and families, and even in the peak tourism months, you can still find a quiet Thai island or town to relax and rejuvenate. Not to mention that Thailand is home to some of the best street food in the world.


Similar to Thailand when it comes to great weather and affordability, Vietnam offers its own unique culture and heritage to visitors. Buddhism is the largest organized religion in Vietnam; therefore, it appeals to people from Singapore, where there is a considerable Buddhist influence. 

As mentioned, Vietnam is very affordable, even if you are on the tightest of budgets. However, if you aren’t counting every penny, you can treat yourself to a first-class ticket or book a private jet ride across the country, which is well worth the money.


With its gorgeous weather, diverse landscape, and spectacular cities, Australia is another firm favorite amongst Singaporean travelers. Australia may be an eight-hour flight away, but tickets are often incredibly affordable, even if you are traveling with a group or your family. 

The best thing about Australia is its weather, making it a year-round city to visit and enjoy. The Land Down Under does not have a single day when you can’t beach or surf, even in winter. 

New Zealand

New Zealand may have varied weather year-round, but thanks to its proximity to Australia, many Singaporeans add it to their travel itinerary. With sweeping fields and mountains, the New Zealand landscape and natural beauty are things many Singaporeans have never seen or experienced in their own country. 

Another unique feature many Singaporeans travel to New Zealand to enjoy is skiing and winter sports. The winter brings snow access to the country's peaks and mountains, allowing Singaporeans to enjoy the thrill of snowsports without traveling to Europe or the United States.


Finally, Europe is a destination many Singaporeans choose to holiday in, mainly the UK and France. Thanks to the rich history, impressive architecture, and the many famous sights and sounds of these two countries, they are popular holiday destinations for tourists from around the globe. 

London and Paris are the two cities that stand out the most, as well as Athens. The moderate weather in the summertime is ideal for exploring, while the winter months give Singaporeans the chance to experience a snow-filled Christmas. 

Your Next Holiday Awaits

Singaporeans love traveling worldwide, but these are the most-visited countries and cities. With these destinations offering everything from great food to enthralling sights and activities, it is no surprise they receive so many visitors from the Lion City.

23 Feb 2024
Singapore Expats