Choosing a Race

Choosing a Race

My husband and I are expecting our first child later this year. I am a British EP P2 holder and my husband is from PRC, PR holder. My husband's application for SG citizenship was recently approved and he will have completed the formalities and received his new IC in time for baby's arrival.

As our baby will be Singaporean, we are aware that we will need to choose our baby's race from the following:

  • Chinese 
  • Chinese-Caucasian 
  • Caucasian 
  • Caucasian-Chinese 
  • Eurasian

Other than Mother Tongue language in Primary school and HDB's ethnic integration policy, are there any other policies for which race matters?

Would my child's race influence my future PR application? (child's race is on the PR application form)

We are currently thinking of registering our baby as Chinese-Caucasian.

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02 May 2012
Singapore Expats Forum