How Long Does Maid Stay Out During Off Days

Just wondering if you ask her to return by any specific time or allow her to stay out as long as she wants?

Our maid has started to come back later and later, today for example at 10:30pm, so just wondering if this is something I should be worried about or do they normally stay out that late?

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08 Jan 2012
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PR approval chances 2022

Hi everyone,

Thankful to this great forum I have been following since long, this is my first post and would need your expert opinion on my PR case as below :

PR application : 2nd Application Applied in May 2022.
Nationality: Indian
Race: Indian
Marital status: Married
Gender: Male, .....

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Re: Couple that ran off with $32m

I don't see the logic of paying for something you don't see...if you don't see it to buy it, don't buy.

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Re: Typo in form4A

You can email at

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