Returning to Singapore to Work after Renounciation

Returning to Singapore to Work after Renounciation

I would like to know whether it is possible to return back to Singapore and be granted an employment pass after renouciation of my Singapore citiizenship.

My situation is that I was born in Singapore on 1975 but moved to Malaysia when I was 1 year old. (so I never have singapore passport of IC) I have never lived in Singapore. When I was 21, I returned to singapore to apply for an employment pass. I was told that because i was born in Singapore, I automatically was a citizen and since i was a Malaysian citiizen, I wasn't allowed to have both.

The immigration department gave me an ulitmatum to renounce one of my citizenship and refuse to evaluate my employment pass application until i did so. I decided to renounce the Singapore citizenhip and the immigration department then failed my application for employment pass. They told me I could try my luck in a few years time if I wanted to apply again.

I am now 36 years ago and am a mobile network architect. I have been offered an opportunity to work in singapore via a company transfer. i would like to know what my chances are on whether my employment pass will be approved. I know if you are a billionaire, singapore will probably say yes. I am just highly technical and skilled professional. Is that enough? what are my chances and probability of success? Has anyone like me been approved an EP after renounciation even though they are not mega rich but skilled?

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04 Nov 2011
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