What You Can Ask in a Salary Package

What You Can Ask in a Salary Package

My husband has been offered a position in Singapore. We live in Sydney at the moment.
Based on the salary that he has been offered we would be worse off moving as the children would need to go to International School, thus already $60K down. We've been told to give a wish-list: of what assistance we would like.

What percentages are considered normal for housing and schooling contributions?

Medical insurance- is that apart of the package?

Re-location costs will be inclusive, do I take it that will also cover somewhere to live while our belongs get shipped and we find somewhere to live.

What about flights back?

My husband has worked for the company for years and doesn't want to loose his severance pay options if things go wrong. Can you carry over your previous contact?

And, I have never been to Singapore, very open to it but what makes it so great? Its sounds all so expensive.

Thanks and look forward to your sound - positive advice.

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05 Aug 2013
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