Singapore Laws

Singapore Laws

So I've recently been offered a teaching job in Singapore. The package is very nice, but the one concern that I and my family all have is the laws in Singapore. Singapore obviously has very strict laws. Most of them won't affect me; I am not talking about forgetting to flush the toilet, chewing gum, doing drugs, or littering.

I'm mostly worried about freedom of speech issues, specifically Singapore defamation laws and issues such as monitoring the internet for criticism. I'm fairly outspoken and I have very progressive leanings. How much of my behavior will I have to curb, what topics should I avoid (I am already aware that race, politics, religion should be avoided), and how difficult would it be to avoid them? Also, have any of you living in Singapore had any difficulties in watching what you say both in real life and on the internet that you normally would not worry about back in your home countries?

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15 Apr 2013
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