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Relocating, Moving to Singapore

18 May 2016 - Obtaining a Long Term Visit Pass

So you’ve made up your mind to remain in Singapore for the medium-long term. You want to pursue your studies locally, find employment, set up...

14 May 2016 - Obtaining a Short Term Visit Pass

Visiting Singapore: Obtaining a Short Term Visit Pass If you’re thinking of travelling to Singapore, you’re not alone. Despite its...

05 Aug 2013 - What You Can Ask in a Salary Package

My husband has been offered a position in Singapore. We live in Sydney at the moment. Based on the salary that he has been offered we would be...

05 Aug 2013 - Things to Bring to Singapore

A couple of months back I started a thread about moving from the US to Singapore to practice medicine. Despite the advice and warnings of many, I'm...

17 May 2013 - Moving Household Items to Singapore

We may be taking an assignment in Singapore for 3+ years coming from the US. What should we do about bringing things over like the vacuum,...

15 Apr 2013 - Singapore Laws

So I've recently been offered a teaching job in Singapore. The package is very nice, but the one concern that I and my family all have is the laws...

06 Mar 2012 - Tax Clearance

If you are a Work Permit holder (not an Employment Pass holder) AND your income is less than 20K during the calendar year. If your income for the...


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Re: PR Chance 2020

Re: PR Chance 2020

Bummer, truthhurts1, but keep the faith. IF you really want it, it's been shown on this forum a number of times, that often persistence and patience wins out in the end. While it's not a common everyday thing, There have been even instances of 5 and 6 applications before success. It's up to you, .....

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: Update ICA about new Salary and Designation

Re: Update ICA about new Salary and Designation

You are definitely NOT the type of PR we need here. People who need to be spoon fed everything aren't not going to be of any use to Singapore as you seem to be incapable of seeing stuff in front of your nose. Look at the bottom of the thread, You don't even have to use the search engine as the .....

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: Sliding door

Re: Sliding door

Does anyone have a good contact for sliding door would like to carve out a room by creating a sliding door and reasonably priced. Prefer one that can also be easily removed.

I have used Ministry Of Door and their service has been .....

Posted in General Discussions