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Property & Housing in Singapore

20 Aug 2013 - Condo Buying Process

I am a foreigner interested in buying a private condo with my fiancee who is a Singaporean citizen. I am looking at the Kensington Square project...

20 May 2013 - Taxation on Housing Allowance

For Singapore tax purposes, housing is dealt with separately, which I will deal with in a moment. For every other kind of assistance, the dollar...

16 Sep 2011 - Dishwashers in Condos

Relocating to SG next month and have to find an apartment. I've been told that most households in SG do not have a dishwasher! is this true? Seems...

29 May 2009 - Tenancy Agreement and Your Rights as a Tenant

Some advice for people signing leases (tenancy agreements) in Singapore, culled from the collective wisdom and experience of forumers. Comments,...


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Re: Driving into Malaysia

Lisa, yes, taking Grab is doable and I have done that too. Works great if you are only going to be within JB. If you have to drive further, like we did to my in laws town, Seremban, then obviously Grab won't help.

Posted in Travel & Holidays

Re: Intermittent fasting

Lisa, that sounds interesting. Might have to try that but first I need to buy a steamer,, .....

Posted in Beauty, Health & Fitness

Re: Intermittent fasting

You are right. It's been on my to do list for a year or two, but thanks to covid I stayed as far away from hospitals as I could. I had a full .....

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