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Re: Live Streaming cricket

Hi Verl,

I'm Bruce Williams, a new expat in this forum.

I just saw your question and it makes me think that you're a big cricket fan.

If you're a fan of Asian cricket leagues, as am I.

You must be familiar with PSL (Pakistan Super League)

They're holding their 5th series next month. If you're .....

Posted in Entertainment, Leisure & Sports

Evian spray

Does it even work?

Posted in 20's Club

The Tips on Colonic Irrigation Hydrotherapy

Detoxification of a body is a necessary act for its effective functioning. There are many ways in which a human body can be detoxified. These include lymphatic drainage massage, salt bath, dry brushing, body wraps.

Posted in Beauty, Health & Fitness

Re: The "good wine deals" master thread

No guts to respond, delete instead.

Believe it or not I'm trying to make this forum better, since the moderators and developers seem to clueless. For example using the site as your personal chatroom is a great way to destroy a forum.

Posted in Staying, Living in Singapore

Re: Tanglin Trust School - what's good / not so good ? ?

Where are you currently staying? What area are you working in?

Posted in Parenting, Family & Schools