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Singapore Expats comprehensive restaurant listings in Singapore, includes address, contact number, type of cuisine, reviews.

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54 Zion Road

Tel: 64451766

Sam's Cottage

17 Dairy Farm Road

Tel: 67663907

RS Deli

244R Upper Thomson Road

Tel: 64551242

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Re: PR IPA letter mail delivery time limit

Hi, how long does it take for you take to get the IPA letter? What helps you? Please help me I am also in a similar situation. Mine also PR application approved 3 weeks ago and IPA is not arrived yet.

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Re: SIA cabin crew

Hello! Anybody who passed the final interview in KL on 22 May 22’ hasn’t gotten any news till now? Been waiting for 4 months T^T

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Re: SIA cabin crew

Hello! Anyone who went and passed the final interview on 22 May in KL still hasn’t gotten any news since? Been 4 months sigh 😔

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