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Buk Hee is a stall with fruits and drinks that also serves Chinese desserts likeChendol and Mango Pudding which are perfect for a hot day or after a long day of work.Come and enjoy their tasty desserts and drinks in a very affordable budget!

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Tue - Sun: 16:30 - 01:00

500 Clemenceau Avenue North, #01-59 Newton Food Centre

Chinese, Desserts, Fruits & Drinks

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Re: Visiting parents or grandparents from 2 June

My wife had a theory that this is because Singaporeans often go outside as the whole families, like 3 generations, so one thing this would encourage others to gather, and another, it could be difficult for the safe distance ambassadors/officers to tell if this is legal or not.

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Re: When do you think we can stop wearing masks?

I see people not following the simple rules each time I step out my apartment so I am pretty sure SMS is right. Just look around at all the people wearing the masks nose out or not wearing at all. Are they really all exercising? But I see some improvement over past 2-3 weeks.

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Hp Printer Offline Fix Windows 10

Why Does My Hp Printer Keep Going Offline ?
when you try to the printer with your computer. Sometimes windows ten updates automatically after that .....

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Re: When do you think we can stop wearing masks?

This one in Simei
Man, 32, arrested for redeeming 200 'Ultra masks' at Simei using illegally obtained personal info

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Re: Working from home decreasing or increasing productivity?

However, to my surprise, WFH has actually suited me well in terms of being productive. And I don't even have proper working space - my 'office' is the kitchen table. My day-to-day work doesn't require that much interaction with people .....

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