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Enjoying a strategic location on Killiney Road in Somerset, KPO is an award-winning cafe bar that shares its space with the iconic Killiney Post Office.Serving everything from pizzas to fusion fare, it serves as the perfect events venue in the daytime, and comes to live with performances by popular bands during Happy Hour in the evening.MUST TRIES: Nothing screams indulgence quite like diving into a serving of pork belly that has been roasted to crispy perfection.Other recommendations include deep-fried crusty crab cakes, mini brioche chicken sliders, pork and shrimpstuffed dumplings and truffle fries. For dessert, go for the classic tartlets.

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Mon - Thu: 15:00 - 01:00
Fri: 15:00 - 02:00
Sat: 18:00 - 02:00
Closed: Sun

1 Killiney Road

Drinks, Fusion, Pizza, Snacks, Western

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Same with citizenship. Singapore has been known to strip people of their .....

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Re: How to lose weight?

actually Carbs sometimes needed , for energy. Protein is more on repair build muscles.

junk food can eat , but not like every day.

Actually also have to depend on individuals gene, etc too.

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Re: Expats behaving badly

Hong Kong is worse, they even have a derogatory name in Cantonese for foreign devils. I don't have a big problem with natives throwing insults if foreigners show up in their country and act like a$$holes.

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Re: Relocating Furniture

I bought some affordable art, household items and adhoc resale items from firstunicorngifts website in case you are keen.

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Places to get Affordable Art Pieces in Singapore

Hi, does any one have any idea of where I can get affordable art pieces of below $100 in Singapore besides Ikea.

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