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Woody Family Pub Cafe

Woody Family Pub Cafe

Woody Family Pub Cafe






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WOODY FAMILY CAFE established its first outlet at 12F Andrews Avenue, Sembawang Straits Estate, Singapore 759930 on 19th September 2009 as a Pub Café with specialised FUSION PERANAKAN FOOD. Woody Family Pub Cafe is not just another PUB, it is a FAMILY FAMILY CAFÉ and has an unusual authentic cozy feeling once you step into the little shop with its special Fusion Peranakan Food specially concocted and cook for its customers. With its signature dishes, it caters for all ages and a feel of home-cooked food in an alfresco ambience that you feel like HOME. Besides, Special authentic unique Fusion Peranakan Home Cooked Food prepared for its customers with its main signature dishes: CURRY RIBS, PORK KNUCKLES ASSAM PEDAS WITH NANAS, AYAM TEMPRA, FRIED QUAILS, PORK KNUCKLES PONTEH, RIBS TEMPRA, MANGO SALAD, JUMBO SPICY SANDWICH, TORTILLA WRAPS, and many more….not forgetting our special SPICY PERANAKAN BUFFALO WINGS. WOODY FAMILY CAFÉ is a great place for Chill Outs with its Cozy Alfresco Ambience Settings and a feeling of a Pub Café within a home environment. With its cozy environment, it can cater up to a maximum of 70 pax for events. It is a MUST visit place for all residents, regulars and those who are looking for a quiet, good music and Spicy Fusion Peranakan Food specially prepared. With its popularity of Spicy Peranakan Buffalo Wings, the owners will target on franchising for all who are keen on small affordable food business and the expertise of its owners, franchisees can be assured of the commitment of Woody in ensuring the setups and development of the business.

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Mon - Fri: 12:30 - 14:30
Mon - Fri: 16:00 - 23:30
Sat, Sun & PH: 12:30 - 23:30

12F Andrews Avenue

Asian, Beer, Fusion, Nonya / Peranakan, Western, Wine

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