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O'bean is Singapore's first organic soya drink store that was established in 2008. It sells 100% organic soya powder, organic soya drinks, soya fruit smoothies, desserts and light meals.

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Mon - Sun: 09:00 - 19:00

269 Queen Street

Asian, Chinese, Fruits & Drinks

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At a crossroad, need some advice from forumers

Some information:
Myself - Singapore, Divorced recently 4k employment and another commission based salary about 1k
Wife to be - PRC on Spass, Divorced 3k. Previously worked in SG and return to work since May 2019

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My wife’s sponsored application was approved just (mid Dec .....

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I'm 37/F, and would love to meet new friends too

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Re: Trip to UK - what to bring back?

a selection of MandS biscuits especially the redcurrant puffs :)

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