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Thai Hao Chi Mookata 泰好吃

Thai Hao Chi Mookata

Thai Hao Chi Mookata






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THE BUZZ:Mookata restaurants have been sprouting up all over our island over the years, and we've certainly had our fair share of the communal Thai dish. And so it takes a mookata place with a unique aspect to stand out as memorable.

For a mookata joint like Thai Hao Chi Mookata to differentiate itself in a crowded F & B scene, they have to offer something special. And Thai Hao Chi Mookata, which is tucked away along Upper Thomson Road, does that without resorting to anything gimmicky.

Unlike many places, the grill-cum-steamboat is powered by charcoal instead of gas. Strangely enough, it mattered too much as in terms of in terms of flavour or smokiness; it adds to a more rustic dining experience.

MUST TRIES:The biggest draw, for many, will be the great, value-for-money standard set and add-ons. The standard set, called the Yum Mak Mak Set comes with an impressive pile of fresh ingredients: chicken, mutton, pork, cabbage, vermicelli, eggs, crab sticks, squid, sausages, prawns, and more. What's more, no GST or service fees are charged at all. REPEAT: no service or GST.

But the add-ons are worth trying as well, chief of all the bak kwa and the Thai style sliced abalone. Fresh off the barbecue and warm, the bak kwa tastes so much better, and we also like that it isn't coated in grease. As for the Thai style sliced abalone, this item does not need to be grilled or boiled, and is eaten as it is, with a sweet-tangy sauce giving the dish its kick.

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Daily: 17:30 - 00:00

908 Upper Thomson Road

Asian, Barbecue, Beer, Steamboat, Thai

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Re: i'm in town to cast my vote, boys!

this very tiring -hk-sg trip is deeply deeply dissatisfying for me during a pandemic.

i believe MY vote matters, or i wouldn't have made this damn .....

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Re: BTT for license conversion

u'll have to go get your eyesight tested in person at some point, so... just go?

Posted in Drivers Licence

Re: i'm in town to cast my vote, boys!

PNGMK, I think you mean taxico don't you? Welcome back taxico. It's been quite a while. Sorry about what is becoming a regular occurrence around here.

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Re: PR approval chance in 2020

Let’s see if we will go back to the aftermath of the ‘watershed’ 2011 general elections.

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: PAP vs WP. WP now hold 10 seats.

At least WP is not or doesn’t appear to be as hardcore anti-FT, anti- immigration as PV and SDP who outright ask for FTA to be abolished or renegotiated. But with 10 seats in the house, they know the expectation is there for them to challenge the PAP on this.

Will be interesting to see what .....

Posted in General Discussions