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1345 Mookata (Temporarily Closed)

1345 Mookata (Temporarily Closed)

1345 Mookata (Temporarily Closed)






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The HungryGoWhere team is here to help you. Listed below are this eatery's available take-away and delivery options, or if it is temporarily closed. Stay Safe. We can get through this together.

1345 Mookata will be closed during the Circuit Breaker period / until further notice.Located in a food court on the ground floor of The Elitist – an industrial building in Bukit Batok – 1345 Mookata is a Thai BBQ restaurant that offers a winning combination of barbeque and steamboat.Seating up to 40 people in a nicely ventilated space, it serves a wide variety of meats and seafood at pocket-friendly prices.MUST TRIES: While there are many places to enjoy Mookata (or Thai steamboat) just in western Singapore alone, the unique selling point here lies in its Chiang Mai-style chicken soup stock.MSG-free, it's prepared on a daily basis by the owner’s Thai wife, offering a healthy mookata dining experience.

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Tue - Sun: 16:00 - 23:00
Closed: Mon

25 Bukit Batok Crescent, #01-01 The Elitist

Asian, Barbecue, Indochinese, Steamboat, Thai

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I don't believe in ghosts but I have seen one in an old PUB apartment I rented in the 90s.

But if you think the Sikh was a ghost, that means you believe in ghosts, don't you?

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Re: Strange encounters

I've had way too many of these strange encounters to feel surprised anymore. I tried my best to remain sceptical for many years, but one spirit in particular was VERY determined to make sure I knew he/she/it wasn't just in my imagination. Maybe what you see depends on your sensitivity and .....

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Wd40, quite a generalisation from just your own experience.

If you have a bad office environment without privacy areas and a job which doesn't need much collaboration with others, it doesn't mean all other offices and .....

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Re: Working from home decreasing or increasing productivity?

I think if (A) the majority of our tasks allow for independent work, (B) we have the tech support we need, and (C) we don't have to juggle childcare demands at the same time, WFH is definitely the better choice... unless you're an extrovert and need people around to boost your energy levels lol .....

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Re: Tourist shops

Perhaps the pandemic will serve as a wake-up call for them to improve on the quality of their wares. I'm sure there will still be demand for tacky 'Singapore is a Fine City' shirts and 'I ♥ Singapore' mugs or whatever, but I think the tourist shops which will do best will be the ones who take .....

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