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Srisun Express by Srisun is to cater to our customers an extensive menu encompassing the perennial favourites of the Indian, Malaysian and local cuisines. The entirely new menu is unique in its flavour and range. Masala Buffalo Wings, Goreng Specials, Milo Le Crème, Nutella Prata and our Yakult Fruit Juices are just a few to name.More than just a restaurant, we want our customers to dine, share and enjoy the experience of scrumptious food and outstanding service. Serving familiar delicacies like the Maggie Goreng, Coin Prata, Mui Fan, Chappathi, Poori, Satay, and many more, Srisun Express will definitely be a place that will certainly make you return for more! Having built a reputation for our quality and authentic food, we are constantly bringing to you an Indian cuisine at affordable prices.

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Daily: 24 Hours -

212 Hougang Street 21, #01-343/345 Kovan City

Asian, Halal, Indian, Pakistani

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Re: PR pending to LTVP

This isn't your company. Someone else owns it and they hired you. This is an arm's length transaction and is completely different from you forming your own pte ltd, then attempting to work for it.

Consider: In this company there are already active citizens, PR's, or EP's who are in a role that .....

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: PR pending to LTVP

Hello @Strong Eagle,

I'm curious about your comments, so writing my own experience to share with everyone.

30 Male, Bangladeshi
Married SC (Chinese), PMLA Approved, Currently on LTVP
7 years of finance / consulting experience. Lived and studied in Europe before.

After moving to SG, I got an .....

Posted in PR, Citizenship, Passes & Visas for Foreigners

Re: Renouncing citizenship

You are hereby notified that under section 29 of the enlistment act (CAP.93) you are exempted from :
A) Full-time national service
B)Operationally ready national service
C) Duty to obtain an exit permit

If he is 'exempted' from all three, then there is no reason he cannot renounce .....

Posted in Strictly Speaking

Re: Citizenship application status still pending

Too early to expect a result..Mine took 1 year and 3 months.

Hi, may I know how you found out about your citizenship results? Is it online .....

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Good day everyone,

I would like to get some advises from you guys, I’m currently Spass holder and will marry my SC boyfriend soon. We already applied for PLTVP.
Since we going to apply LTVP after we official marry, I’m not intend to renew my spass ( which will be expired in Dec this year) , i .....

Posted in Relocating, Moving to Singapore