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Koo Kee is the first hybrid concept restaurant by Gao Ji Food that merges from different brands under Gao Ji Food. Koo Kee aims to re-define and deliver the best customer experience by combining Gao Ji Food's values of great food, great service and great value together with great variety and convenience under one roof.

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21 Smith Street

Asian, Chinese, Hong Kong, Indochinese, Thai

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Re: Masks rules in Singapore?

So they can't really blame people who wear shields as they may have interpreted their message as shields are allowed. With the rules keep changing, it really confuses people.

Posted in General Discussions

Re: MOE Waiver for Dual Citizen ChildĀ 

You apply for the MOE waiver via and with the assistance of the international school you wish to use. You may succeed. We did about 4 years ago but then shifted our daughter to a local school as the international school was failing her academically.

Posted in Parenting, Family & Schools

Renovation delays in Singapore

With the labour crunch, many homeowners are affected by the delays in their renovations. More affected are people whose leases are running up and have to move out and find alternative housing. Certainly not a good year for renovations and .....

Posted in Staying, Living in Singapore

Re: Safe entry Singapore?

Yes our favourite shop is our local India run provision store w no safe entry stuff

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Re: "Entry only if essential international travel" (Tourism is dead!)

I wouldn't rely too much on hotel reservation websites JGrif. I've seen them chop and change a lot. I've been hanging out for a Raffles Hotel staycation myself and have had two bookings I've had to shift already.

Posted in Travel & Holidays