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Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant

Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant

Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant






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In the early 80s, we started a food business by peddling on a rented lorry, selling packed lunches to Thai workers at construction sites around Singapore.

In 1985, with much strong support from our customers, we opened our very first Thai food outlet at Golden Mile Complex, called "Diandin Leluk" which caters mainly to the Thai community.

In 1990s, we started “Por Jai Authentic Thai Restaurant”, serving authentic Thai cuisine to Singaporeans and foreigners. All cuisine are prepared by the native Thai chefs whom have many years of culinary experiences.

'Diandin Leluk' is committed to providing award winning appeThaizing cuisine.

Currently we have 2 Diandin Leluk Thai Restaurant located at Golden Mile and Geylang Road (Beside Lor.7). Por Jai Authentic Thai Restaurant is located at Suntec City.

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Daily: 10:00 - 22:00

5001 Beach Road, #01-67/68/69 Golden Mile Complex

Asian, Indochinese, Thai

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